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The Millennia: Expansion Pass includes the following content: Wolfpack Warband & Eagle Archers unit cosmetics, Millennia: Ancient Worlds (Releases Q3 2024) and Millennia: Atomic Ambitions (Releases Q4 2024).

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Instant Unlock

Wolfpack Warband & Eagle Archers

Elevate the presence of your units in Millennia with the exclusive Wolfpack Warband and Eagle Archers clothing. Available instantly with the Expansion Pass, this clothes pack unlocks unique wolf skin clothing for your Warband. Your Archer Unit receives eagle-inspired clothes, symbolizing their precision and keen sight. Instant, exclusive access when buying the Expansion Pass

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Releases Q3 2024

Millennia: Ancient Worlds

Take your first uncertain steps in a new era for humanity in Millennia: Ancient Worlds. Take control of your people before their first settlement, while they still wander as nomads. Includes a new nomadic game start option, a new National Spirit, a new economic Good, and new Nation starting bonuses.

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Releases Q4 2024

Millennia: Atomic Ambitions

Unlock the mysteries of the atom and change the world forever in Millennia: Atomic Ambitions. The expansion adds ways to harness the power of the atom for the good of all humankind, but, there are also ways to turn the planet into a fallout-filled wasteland if you aren’t careful. Includes two new Ages, a new National Spirit, and nuclear options for the Strategic Warfare System.


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