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Second Playable Clan: Tremere

Good evening Kindred,

Last week we revealed the first of the playable clans for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, Brujah. Today we’re excited to be sharing the second playable of the four available at release, in Fall of 2024. Following launch, two additional clans will be made available in DLC: one giving you a new way to experience the main-game and another offering a completely unique Seattle story.

From the ashes of the attack on their main chantry, the Tremere know the clan is injured but far from fallen.



Playing as a Tremere in Bloodlines 2

As a Tremere in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, you use your arcane powers to control your own Blood and that of your foes. The playstyle is rewarding when keeping your distance in combat, making enemies scream in agony as you boil their blood, shaping your own vitae into projectiles, or even ripping the blood from their veins.

Image: Render of female Phyre with one of the Tremere-styled outfits. All clans can earn all outfits.

Tremere Concept Art


Tremeres are experts in Blood Sorcery, giving them Discipline powers that can shape vitae.

What's Next?

Next week, we’re on hiatus for Thanksgiving, but we’ll be back with a third playable clan at the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted on the 30th of November.

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