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Video Diary #2 - Phyre & Narrative


Video Diary #2 - Phyre & Narrative

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Good evening Kindred,

This week, we have another recap diary where The Chinese Room Community Manager Josh Matthews meets Ian Thomas, Sarah Longthorne and Arone Le Bray. In this recap, Sarah recaps parts of her dev diary, and is joined by Ian Thomas and Arone Le Bray to go into more depth on the main character, as well as answering a few fan questions relating to the main character and the dev diary on Narrative Atmosphere and Themes.


What's Next

Tomorrow, 30th of November, we are revealing the third playable clan, at the PC Gamer Show: Most Wanted, and we’ll be back with a new dev diary in two weeks. This time it will be Andrea Sancio, Associate Technical Director sharing his thoughts on how TCR are working with Unreal 5. After the holidays, we’ll be back with more dev diaries in January.

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