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Build an industrial and territorial empire that spans the globe

Paradox Interactive’s critically acclaimed grand strategy game about a century of steam and revolution has been winning fans around the world. Stay up-to-date with Victoria 3’s evolution with this bundle, which includes one immersion pack, the first major expansion to the game and more.

The Victoria 3 Expansion Pass is a part of the Grand Edition, and includes all DLC pre-order bonuses.

The Expansion Pass includes:

American Buildings Pack

In many ways, the 19th century was the American Century - continental expansion, rapid population growth, and the stirring of an overseas empire. This pack includes unique building models for the United States, special American designs for other structures and the American Capitol Building as a landmark.

Melodies for the Masses

Inspired by the lives of the common people of the Victorian age, this selection of music draws on the sounds of farms and the towns. Drink in the musical reflections on the rural world that dominated society until the rise of the factory and the shriek of the steam whistle.

Voice of the People

This immersion pack for Victoria 3 adds more historical content to the game, including over 60 historical characters who can Agitate for change in your society. Major historical figures like Mazzini and Lenin may arise in your nation, pushing their agenda - either with you or against you. Voice of the People also includes new historical content for France, including events, political parties and unique historical decisions and journal entries. New art includes French building models, a new paper map, and a new UI theme.

Dawn of Wonder (Q3 2023)

From the glory of the sunrise to the glow of the gas lamp, this Art Pack takes the theme of light and shadow to add new life to the visual experience. A day-night cycle marks the time you spend in game, and other images shine with new life as the dawn of a new age is reflected in the art itself.

Sphere of Influence (Q1 2024)

In a more civilized age, the pen is supposed to be mightier than the sword. The first major expansion for Victoria 3 increases the depth and immersion of the diplomatic game. Build Power Blocs to protect regional interests, invest in foreign economies and interfere in your subjects' politics.


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