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What Is Victoria?

Victoria 3 is a new grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. A simulation of 100 years, starting in 1836. Choose any nation and guide it through a tumultuous and transformative century. Your political, economic and diplomatic decisions will let you change the fate of millions, as you shape your society and claim your place in the sun.


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In Victoria 3, you meet the people of the age in our Pops system. High and low, across cultures and lands - we create a representation of the global population in 1836. Pops have needs, desires and form powerful groups for you to handle. These groups are the foundation of a realistic and dynamic society simulator.

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Never before have the lives of so many changed so much, so quickly. Turn the shouts of upheaval echoing in the streets into government reform. Transform the force of technological innovation into sparks of progress. Social, technological and cultural revolutions provide the perfect playground for your alternate history fantasies.

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The muscle of industry is powered by the sinews of trade. Import necessary goods to keep your people happy and fuel the factories that will produce valuable items for export. Harness the power of steam and coal to transform factory towns into industrial titans.

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Rather than paint the map of the world, you write the book of your nation. But you are an actor on a global stage, racing other nations up the mountain of prestige. In Victoria 3, anything achievable by war, can also be done by diplomacy. Use pacts, alliances, threats and bluffs to claim your place in the sun.

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The changes in the world are represented in our new dynamic map. New production methods and amenities create a mass-migration into cities, as new industries darken the skies but brighten the future. Every decision matters and over time, the progress or problems will be carved into the earth.




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