Put Your Diplomatic Skill To The Ultimate Test

Pull other nations into your orbit through diplomatic skill, economic leverage or straightforward bribery. Building a durable international faction of like-minded governments, pursuing common goals for a common good and the glory of your power. Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy simulation of the Victorian Age offers new ways to impose your will on the world. A coalition of reactionary powers can form blocs to work against the threat of liberal forces in other nations. Use your economic might to co-opt or coerce other regimes, spreading the banner of your ideology wherever your fleets might sail. Resist or embrace domestic pressure to change your traditional foreign policy, as economic and ideological agitators push you to build new coalitions of power. Sphere of Influence adds many new actions and systems to illustrate the quick moving nature of diplomatic relations in this dramatic era, including new content specifically about The Great Game - the decades long competition between the British and Russian Empires for pre-eminence in North India and Central Asia.


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Sphere of Influence

Main Features

1 (6)

Customise your Power Bloc - decide what kind of values it stands for and give bloc members powerful bonuses in addition to customising your own bloc emblem and banner.

2 (3)

Invest in the economies of any willing countries around the world - regardless of if they are your subjects or not.

3 (4)

Interact with new events and Journal Entries, related to British and Russian rivalry over Central Asia - or join the local powers in the struggle to remain independent.

4 (3)

Enjoy unique flavour and events related to Lobbies, as your citizens pursue their own foreign policy objectives. You can also influence the Lobbies in other countries!

5 (2)

Hold your subject in check by changing their rulers, adjusting the amount of income they need to pay to you or even grant them control over their own market.

6 (1)

Seize the means of production - take over the foreign investments in your country… if you dare to antagonise other nations.


Build majestic Bloc Monuments with various effects influencing countries in your sphere of influence.


Meet a whole plethora of historical characters involved in the “Great Game” and discover new sets of clothes, companies and events relevant to the region!


Power Bloc
PB Influence 2
Subject interactions
Great Game
Manor House
Building Registry


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