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Fight Back Against The Darkness

Hunter: The Reckoning

A Storytelling Game of Desperate Measures

Humanity clings to a comfortable illusion that the world belongs to mankind, that they lead lives of free-willed individuality, completely unaware that they occupy a world of grim mysteries inhabited by monsters. Those savvy to the secrets of the World of Darkness know the truth, however: that timeless blood-drinkers, ravening shapeshifters, restless ghosts, and even more harrowing things haunt the night.

You saw what you shouldn’t have, the veil pulled back from the secret world and the monsters who prowl it. You chronicled the tragedies they wrought, these monsters, and the victims upon whom they preyed. You grasped the extent of their influence and witnessed the corruption of the organizations formed to keep them in check. And you vowed to do something about it. Tonight, you act. It’s time for a Reckoning.

  • HTR Corebook
  • HTR Dice
  • HTR Lines Drawn in Blood
  • HTR Alma Maters
  • Rivals Hunter & The Hunted
  • Hunter the Reckoning - Beast of Glenkildove
Hunter: The Reckoning

What kind of Hunter are you?

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Hunter: The Reckoning


Creed is how Hunters approach their quarry - their modus operandi, tools they use during the Hunt, as well as their general outlook and social component. Hunters can find common ground with others of the same creed, although individual outlooks may still vary depending on their Drive and other factors. Most Hunters realize they have little choice but to work together, as it's them against the creatures of the night, other orgs, and a world unwilling to acknowledge the monsters.

Explore the Creeds
Hunter: The Reckoning

5th Edition Products


  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Corebook - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Lines Drawn In Blood - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Cold Case

  • Hunter: The Reckoning - His Last Trick - link


  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Alma Maters - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Incognito Report - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Monster Hunting 101 (Play Renegade program)

  • Video Games

  • Upcoming: Hunter: The Reckoning - Beast of Glenkildove - link

Official Streaming Shows

  • Hunter Garage - link

Board Games & Card Games

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals - Hunters & The Hunted - link

  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Rivals - Martial Law - link

Roleplaying Supplies

  • Hunter: The Reckoning Dice Set - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning Storyteller Screen & Toolkit - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning - Free Bonus Content - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning Dice Bag - link

  • Hunter: The Reckoning Premium Token Pack - link

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