Hunter: The Reckoning



  • Entrepreneurial
  • Faithful
  • Inquisitive
  • Martial
  • Underground
worldofdarkness-htr-creed entrepreneurial


Entrepreneurial Hunters take on their quarry with bold innovations and experimental approaches. Their strength lies in building, inventing, augmenting, or repairing while on the Hunt.

worldofdarkness-htr-creed faithful


Faithful Hunters operate with a belief in higher powers and a divinely informed worldview. Their Faith supports them in direct conflict (physical, social, or mental) with the supernaturals.

worldofdarkness-htr-creed inquisitive


Inquisitive Hunters accumulate and employ knowledge against the occult, using both cutting-edge and ancient methods to study and learn about monsters and what they do. They're best at gaining information while on the Hunt with research, breaking and entering, and interrogation.

worldofdarkness-htr-creed martial


Martial Hunters reason that hammering down the supernatural threat requires a devotion to arms and tactics. Physical conflict while on the Hunt is their strong suit.

worldofdarkness-htr-creed underground


Underground Hunters have learned that guile, subterfuge, and knowing the right people can gain one access to the quarry they seek. They shine at using stealth and subterfuge in service of the Hunt.

Hunter: The Reckoning