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Welcome to the Month of Darkness!

It's finally here! The most wonderful time of the year for all horror fans is upon us, and with it comes our Month of Darkness. For the third year in a row, we're celebrating everything World of Darkness related, including our products, partners, and community, in a 31-day event where we reveal something special with you one day at a time.

One of our established traditions is to start with a prompt list to let your creativity flow and give you ideas on what to write, paint, draw, or photograph each day this month. We love featuring your creations on our streams and social media - everything from fan-artworks through poems to Storytellers Vault materials - and this year will be no different.

However, there's one new twist! Because of Vampire: The Masquerade being celebrated this year alongside Hunter: The Reckoning and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, we are not doing our usual "#vtmtober" - instead, it's time for #WODtober, where you can interpret our prompts loosely to fit your favorite setting.

We also have an extra announcement: Renegade Game Studios celebrates our Month of Darkness by giving out free PDFs for all World of Darkness physical book purchases this month. Head over to Tabletop Roleplaying section to see if you've missed any of our releases - this might be a good time to catch up!

You can find our prompts for this year below, both in dark and light version images, plus plain text (consider adding it as alt text if you share our prompt images on social media!).

World of Darkness - Month of Darkness WODtober DarkWorld of Darkness - Month of Darkness WODtober Light

  1. The Monster In Me

  2. City By Night

  3. Bloodlines

  4. Taste of the Moon

  5. In The Shadows

  6. Underground

  7. Rage Against The System

  8. Rivals

  9. Eyes of a Monster

  10. It's Lonely On The Top

  11. Cursed

  12. Tension Between Us

  13. Haven, Sweet Haven

  14. Lines Drawn In Blood

  15. Dark Schemes

  16. Animal Instincts

  17. Object of Desire

  18. Weapon of Choice

  19. Companion

  20. Night Road

  21. First Bite Tastes Best

  22. Heart of the Forest

  23. Things I've Left Behind

  24. Blood-Stained Love

  25. Justice

  26. Let The Streets Run Red

  27. Midnight Kiss

  28. Unveiled

  29. Before The Darkness

  30. Heritage

  31. Redemption

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