Harness The Power of Nature

Harness the power of nature in the Age of Wonders 4: Primal Fury content pack. Channel the spirit of your favorite animal with the Primal culture, ride a mammoth or a crocodile into battle, and wield the powers of the Naga lords!

Age of Wonders 4

Expansion Pass

Keep you and your magical realms up to date with the latest add-ons for Age of Wonders 4.

The Expansion Pass includes Dragon Dawn Content Pack, Empires and Ashes Expansion, Primal Fury Content Pack, Eldritch Realms Expansion as well as Archmage Attire outfit pack.

Primal Fury

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Main Features

Primal Culture

From the Tunneling Spider to the Glacial Mammoth, choose one of seven primal animals for your people to worship and shape their physical and spiritual lives. Each animal is linked to a specific terrain and damage type, allowing you to terraform the land to your chosen biome and gain powerful buffs in combat. Venture on a quest unique to each primal animal and earn rewards.

New Lupine and Goatkin Forms

New physical forms for your people provide new fantasies for your empire to fulfill. Create a faction of arcane wolves or forest-dwelling satyrs!

2 New Tomes of Magic

Tome of Fey Mists: Specializes in spreading magical mists that shield units from ranged attacks and grant buffs. Tome of the Stormborne: Focuses on control of water and lightning. Gain powerful economic buffs from ocean provinces, build fearsome Stormbringer units and transform your armies into Naga!

4 New Mounts

Mammoths , Elephants , Sabretooths and Crocodiles.

6 New Wildlife Units

Mammoths , Elephants , Sabretooths , Crocodiles , Infernal Juggernaut and Pestilence Crocodiles.

New Realm Content

Stormwreathed Isles: A realm of hostile seas, gripped in a war between two powerful Godir of nature.

New Primal Fury Interface Skin

Experience a wild new visual design with wooden frames and blooming flowers.


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