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Age of Wonders 4 Dev Diary #11 – The Art of Age of Wonders 4

Greetings travellers, Art Director Rich here, join me by the campfire as I share a brief glimpse into what the artisans of Triumph have been crafting as I touch upon 3 main topics;

  • Your Creations (Creativity & Evolution)

  • Your Realms (The setting, World & Combat Maps)

  • Your Inhabitants (Wildlife)

Everything you see in this Dev Diary has been created by a small core group of around 9 artists; 1 animator, 2 environment artists, 2 character artists, 3 2D artists, 1 tech artist, and 1 PFX Artist with over 3.5 years of development. We hope you enjoy the toolbox we have made for you, and as a treat we’ve attached some downloadable Wallpapers at the end!

Read the full Dev Diary here