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Age of Wonders 4 - Dragon Dawn Content Pack is out now!

The Dragons are Here! 

On this blessed day we celebrate the arrival of these majestic creatures, as heralded by the varied Lizardfolk, the Dragon Dawn Content Pack is now available. With Dragon Lords, Lizardfolk, new Tomes and more a whole cornucopia of enjoyment awaits! Coming in underneath the Dragons wings is the Wyvern Update, a free update that is available for everyone. Don’t underestimate the size of this creature though, as it brings quite a lot to the table. You can check below for all the details on expansion features and the free update.

Watch the Release Trailer here!

Dragon Dawn Content Pack


New Form: Lizardfolk

The Lizardfolk are back, and they’re not alone. Create or become the ruler of a cold-blooded reptilian race. Using a variety of heads ranging from Snake to Aligator to Gecko, you can enjoy Age of Wonders 4 from a different point of view.


New Godir Origin: Dragon Ruler

Awaken from your Slumber and regain control over your creations as a Dragon Ruler. Dragon Rulers have access to powerful Dragon Skill, gain additional Gold for unequipped items and become more attuned with your Affinity as you evolve. With a breath of customisation options you can create the Dragon you’ve always wanted to be.

  • 6 Affinity Attunements, affecting the dragon’s breath weapon.

  • Own Skill tree with unique Dragon Skills - Devour the enemy whole or inspire them with a magical roar!

  • Gain additional Gold for unequipped items amassing a Dragon Hoard of your own

  • 6 Unique Transformations through Signature Skills - Evolve your dragon!


New Tomes

Experience the power of Evolution and Dragons with the new Chaos & Nature Tomes. The Tome of Evolution is a Tier 1 Tome that focuses on nurturing primal forces and turning them into formidable allies. The Tome of Dragons lets you revel in the power of dragons and allows their flames to empower your people.


New Realm: The Ashen War

This Realm Template draws the player into a cataclysmic battle between six Elder Dragons, with unique powers. The player can side with the Reshapers, guarding the Cosmic Balance between Creation and Destruction, the Dawnwardens, fighting to maintain the precious beauty of life and spirit, or try to take the world for themselves!

Even More Content 

Alongside the highlighted content above you’ll also encounter:

  • 4 new Premade Rulers, including the return of Tempest and his Stormborn Draconians

  • New Dragon Ruler Events and new Event Options tail-ormade for Dragon Rulers 

  • New Wildlife Compositions that expand the variety of Units you’ll encounter

Check out the Release Stream on our YouTube page!

Wyvern Update


Faction Creation

We've added a Create Faction button which takes you directly into the Faction Creation Flow. You can create a new Faction from the ground up, edit an existing Faction or Generate a Random Ruler using the new Random Ruler Feature.

Random Rulers can be generated from the standalone Faction Creation, or the Create Faction Flow in both Single as well as Multiplayer. Just go to your Custom Rulers tab, hit Random Ruler and watch as a new Ruler appears before your eyes. Not happy with what you see? Just Reroll, or edit the ruler to smooth out those rough edges.

New Traits

We also added two new traits for use when creating your faction. The Poisonous Body Trait can be found as the default trait on the Lizardfolk, but is also very well suited to make venomous Toads. 

Inspired by the new Dragon Hoards, you can also make a hoard of your own with the Artifact Hoarders Society Trait. This Materium Trait will provide Mana Income for any unequipped Hero Items you have in your Inventory.


Cavalry & Mounted Units

We've heard you loud and clear. You wanted more mounted units, so we have put several units on top of Horses, Wolf, Boars and the likes. The Mystic Spellbreaker, Hound Master and Wild Speaker units are now permanently mounted, while units like the Dark Pursuer, High Dawn Defender and Glade Runner will get mounts when paired with a Exotic Mount Trait.

These units will also be more easily recognized thanks to the new “Optional Cavalry” tag in the unit panel encyclopedia.

World Map Improvements

The World Map has received a little bit of love and care, nothing too major but we wanted to give it a bit of a spotlight. You’ll get to explore your own origins further with additional Ruler Origin events. By popular request we’ve added a Dismantle City Ruin Operation which allows you to remove those pesky City Ruins and the Castle Ruins Ancient Wonder has gotten a metamorphosis thanks to a brand new Combat Map. Finally, excavating Diggable Earth in the Underground doesn’t just uncover Pickups or Marauders anymore, it can also uncover resource Nodes and Magic Materials.

And if you want to know more about what the future holds, you can check out our Roadmap: