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Age of Wonders 4 - Wyvern Update Patch Notes

Without further ado, let's have a look at the list of changes!


New Feature: Create Faction & Random Generator

  • Added a “Create Faction” option to the Main Menu. This takes you to Faction Selection where you can Create a New Faction or choose to Edit an existing one.

  • Added a Random Ruler Generator. Found in your Custom Rulers Tab, this option will generate a Random Ruler/Faction to play as.

New Traits

  • Body Trait: Poisonous - Form Units gain +2 Blight Resistance and Melee Attackers have a base 30% chance of becoming Poisoned.

  • Society Trait: Artifact Hoarders - Gain a T2 or T3 Hero Item after clearing an Ancient Wonder or Infestation. Gain extra Mana for unequipped Hero Items in your inventory and start with 2 Random Hero Items.

Improvements: World Map

  • New Events - Further explore the history of your Ruler with new Origin Events for Ascended Champions & Wizard Kings.

  • Underground Resources - Excavating Diggable Earth can uncover Resource Nodes & Magic Materials alongside Pickups and the occasional Marauding Army.

  • Dismantle City Ruins - This 3 turn World Map operation allows the removal of City Ruins from a province making it eligible for annexation.

Improvements: Quality of Life

  • You now have the ability to disable the “Combat Action Camera”, giving full control to the Player. This should help with accessibility.

  • Status Effects are now also displayed in the Unit Abilities panel. Here, you can see the number of stacks and duration of a status effect. They also include tooltips; so you don’t have to enter the Unit Panel anymore to determine what an effect does.

  • The “Show Location” button should now indicate way better where the corresponding event location resides. This now has an animated sequence so the Player can visually see where the location is relative to their current location.

  • Observe Mode has a new setting “Enemies Only.” With this setting only movement/actions done by Hostile Armies will focus the World Map Camera.


  • Added Social Media buttons to Main & Pause Menu.

  • The Difficulty setting of the Initiation Realm is now locked to Easy.

  • The “Manufactured War” Achievement now triggers when starting any war of Moderate Justification or Higher when reached using Fabricated Grievances.


  • A unit’s critical hit chance can no longer be higher than their chance to hit a target. This prevents high crit chance units always hitting hard to hit targets.

  • Most Tactical Combat Summons now have a limited amount of turns to live.

    • Signature Skills:

      • Summon Animal: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Summon Elemental: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Summon Undead: Now summons a T3 undead unit that lasts for 3 turns.

    • Tomes:

      • Summoning:

        • Conjure Astral Keeper: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Amplification:

        • Conjure Amplification Pylon: Summon lasts for 3 turns; Increased Damage from 16 to 20 Lighting Damage.

      • Vigor:

        • Totem of the Wild now lasts 3 turns instead of 5.

        • Animals summoned by the totem last 3 turns.

      • Beasts:

        • Wildspeaker - Conjure Animal: Summon lasts for 4 turns.

      • Fertility:

        • Animate Flora: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Nature's Wrath:

        • Horned God - Awaken Flora: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Beacon:

        • Conjure Divine Beacon: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Astral Convergence:

        • Explosive Manifestation: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

    • Units:

      • Fire Giant - Conjure Runestone: Now correctly says it lasts 3 turns.

      • Lost Wizard - Astral Rift (Forbidden Tome): Summon lasts for 3 turns.

      • Ghost Ship - Summon Ghost: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

    • Hero Items:

      • Spider Hatchling Bell, Spider Flute and Spider Matriarch's Leg: Summon lasts for 3 turns.

    • Zombie Summoning:

      • Most Zombie Summon spells and abilities now summon a Decaying Zombie instead, which has a permanent version of Decaying.

      • Decaying - Increased Damage per turn from 5 Blight Damage to 10 Blight Damage.



  • War Shaman “Invigorate” - Changed from a Single Action to a Full Action.

  • Furies - Gained Frenzy; Base damage reduced from 12 to 10.


  • Interrogation Dungeon income changed from -5 City Stability, +10 Knowledge, +2 Knowledge per Hero in Prison to +10 City Stability, +5 Knowledge, +2 Knowledge per Hero in Prison.

  • Ritual Mausoleum income changed from -5 City Stability, +10 Mana, +2 Mana per Hero in Crypt to +20 City Stability, +5 Mana, +2 Mana per Hero in Prison.


  • Bannerman “Soothing Standard” - Increased Cooldown from 3 Turns to 4 Turns.


  • AI players will no longer allow the player to surrender as a vassal to them if that means that either the player or the AI will have an alliance with all living players (and allied victory is enabled).

  • AI players no longer will surrender as vassal to a player if their throne city is under siege, instead this now reduces the army power requirement drastically so sieging will still affect the AI but it still requires the sieging player to be stronger than the AI.

  • Added relation breakdown support to the relation value shown in the first meet message as well as to the tooltips on player shields.

  • Added new in the void first meet reactions depending on whether the player or the opposing player is in the void (or both).

  • “First Meet” friendly and hostile responses are disabled if either ruler is in the void.

  • When war is declared the opposing player is now also shown in the center of the screen, similar to first meet.

  • Added a Goodbye button to several states during trading to allow you to exit out of trading back to the world map without having to go through the main diplomacy interface first.

  • Added tooltips to mentions of 3rd players in the information section in the diplomacy screen. E.g. “Another player was denounced” now allows you to inspect that player when hovering over their name.

  • Armies are now removed from outpost districts when war is declared, even if the outpost was already occupied. This is now in line with the city logic.

  • Fabricated Grievances are now always worth 20 grievance points instead of getting a random value (either 5, 15 or 30).

  • Added a max limit to how far trade costs of single trade items can stray from their original value in AI trades.

  • Increased the lower limit to how far trade discounts can change the trade value of single items. (25% → 40%).

  • Updated the value of Equipment trades to make the value based on the actual sell cost of the item.

  • The Teleporter and Province-Claims pacts are now part of the Vassalage deal.

  • Treaty Broken (15 turns) and Treaty Created (10 turns) relation modifiers now have a turn timer, previously they used to last indefinitely.

  • Now exposing the exact alignment penalty for breaking treaties.

  • No longer showing the declaration countered notification when war is declared.

  • Removed incorrect mention of an alignment penalty when trespassing.


The Affinity and Imperium cost of T1-T4 Empire Development skills has been adjusted, “dipping” into affinities was a little easier and cheaper than intended, this should ensure a need to prioritize their affinities intently to perfect multi-affinity builds.


  • T1, T2 & T3 Empire Skills - Increased Imperium Cost by 50 Imperium.

  • T4 Empire Skills - Increased Imperium Cost by 25 Imperium.

  • T1 Empire Skills - Increased Accumulated Affinity threshold from 10 to 15.

  • T2 Empire Skills - Increased Accumulated Affinity threshold from 20 to 40.

  • T3 Empire Skills - Increased Accumulated Affinity threshold from 40 to 60.

  • T4 Empire Skills - Increased Accumulated Affinity threshold from 80 to 100.


  • Basic Seafaring - Increased Imperium Cost from 50 to 100 Imperium.

  • Excavation - Increased Imperium Cost from 75 to 125 Imperium.

  • Road Building - Increased Imperium Cost from 75 to 125 Imperium.

  • Diplomatic Focus - Increased Imperium Cost from 100 to 150 Imperium.

  • Advanced Scrying - Increased Imperium Cost from 100 to 150 Imperium.

  • Forced March - Increased Imperium Cost from 150 to 175 Imperium.

  • Siege Specialization - Increased Imperium Cost from 150 to 175 Imperium.

  • Rite of the Last Stand - Increased Imperium Cost from 150 to 175 Imperium.


  • Casting Reserves - Moved from T1 to T3.

  • Adaptive Research - Moved from T3 to T2.

  • Astral Inspiration - Moved from T2 to T4.

  • Surge Spellcasting - Moved from T6 to T1.

  • Focused Studies - Moved from T8 to T7.


  • Impressment - Reduced upkeep reduction from -30% to -20%.

  • Lure of the Horde - Reduced chance from 50% to 25%.

  • Skilled Raiders - Reduce Reward bonus from +50% to +20%.

  • Tireless Marchers - Increased Cost Reduction and Damage Reduction to -75%.


  • Military Engineering - Changed Palisade Walls unlock to Work Camp.

  • Military Engineering - Outpost cost reduction reduced from 50% to 25%.

  • Metropolitan Society - moved from T3 to T4.

  • Warsmithing - Renamed to Arcane Artisans.

  • Arcane Artisans - Grants +10 Mana for Mines.

  • Arcane Artisans - Moved to T3.

  • Consolidated Industry - Moved from T2 to T6.

  • Master Masons - Moved from T6 to T2.

  • Indomitable Defenders - Replaced with Provincial Architects.

  • Provincial Architects - Special Province Improvements cost -25% less production and -25% less gold.


  • Wild Expansion - Reduced chance of summoning a Greater animal from 60% to 20%.

  • Wild Expansion - No longer triggers on Annexing Ancient Wonders or swapping provinces between cities.

  • Druidic Care - Mana income reduced from 5 to 3.


  • Knowledge Extraction - Changed from 50 Knowledge per Hero level to 150 per Hero flat.

  • All Seeing - Increased Knowledge Income from +10 to +15.

  • Death Magic - Increased Casting Points gain from +5 to +10 Casting Points .

  • Death Magic - Moved from T4 to T6.

  • Court of Whispers - Moved from T6 to T4.

  • Exalted by Shadows - Increased XP Gain bonus from 100% to 200%.

  • Exalted by Shadows - Moved from T7 to T9.

  • Shadow Domain - Now additionally grants Cities +4 Vision range.

  • Dark Vigor - Moved from T9 to T7.

  • Rite of the Cryptblade - Cryptblade is now a free action attack, Zombies are created with full action points. Now a Tier 4 item instead of 2.

  • Rite of Forbidden Knowledge - Knowledge gain increased from +500 Knowledge to +750.


  • Changed Society Trait bonuses that gave +1 Rank to all units of specific unit roles to only give the bonus to all Racial units of specific unit roles.

  • Decreased the HP Bonus from Exotic Mount Traits from 10HP to 5 HP.

  • Wonder Architects Society Trait now uses the correct icon.

  • Renamed Shadow Walkers back to Devious Watchers.

  • Changed Melenis into the Wizard King she was intended to be.


  • Mortal Champions and Wizard Kings now get their Signature Skills at levels 4, 8, 12, 16 from 5, 10, 15, 20.

  • Racial Heroes now get their Cultural Hero Skill by default. 

    • If you load a save where such a hero has wasted a skill point buying such a skill, it will be refunded.

    • Note that Dragon Lords and Wizard Kings still need to buy the skills.

  • Hero Skill “Spur to Action” - No longer works on Heroes.

  • Hero Item “Spider Matriarch Leg” - Now only grants Tier IV Spiders.

  • Pantheon leaders recruited as heroes in other games can no longer be animated.


  • The game now prioritizes certain fonts depending on the set language. This is to fix incorrect glyphs in the Japanese language.

  • Added color coding for the different properties to the unit panel (e.g., debuffs are red).

  • Added a Next and Previous button for the Hero Panel screen.

  • Buttons for cycling through cities are now in a fixed position.

  • Added duration pins for operations on the World Map.

  • Allowing the deselection of allied reinforcements in the combat enter screen.

  • Added notification which tells the player one of their provinces is being pillaged.

  • Added notification which reminds the player one of their pillaged provinces can be repaired.

  • Added notification which reminds the player that one of their heroes has a signature skill available.

  • In advanced setup it is no longer possible to disable teams for 1 v 1 games.


  • Added indicator when queueing an order failed during sim turns multiplayer matches.

  • Added DLC and Mod information to the available session information.

  • Update the mod conflict information window when joining a session with conflicted mods.

  • Updated the Multiplayer Lobby to fix AI Ruler Selection.

  • Improvements & Out of Sync Fixes:

    • Fixed issues with Player Kicking.

    • Fixed an issue where the “City produced {structure}” notification would be in a different language when reloading a multiplayer game that involved multiple languages.

    • Fixed a crash that could occur due to Team changes for the Host not being synced.

    • Fixed a crash that could occur in Combat Resolve.

    • Fixed a hang when units die in your own turns and multiple Humans are active in the combat.

    • Fixed a hang that could be caused by action duplication, most frequently encountered after a OoS.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync caused by observers in Combat.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync on Game Start that could occur due to Custom Rulers getting different Personalities.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to an Relation Modifier being added during Game Setup.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur during a Combat Replay when units triggered auto-spell effects.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur on rejoining a session due to the Notification order changing.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur when Combat Properties were added but users would be playing in different languages.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to Inhabitants & Off Map heroes for the Independents not refreshing properly.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to incorrect removal of a Hero from a Quest.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to hotjoining while a Ruler is in the Void.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to hotjoining while a Governor was in the Void.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to a difference in Free City order.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur when vassalizing a (conquered) city, the newly created free city was not getting all relation properties applied like rainbow clover.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur with Rally of the Lieges units when the City they were based off would change the costs of building units.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to vision not updating correctly when the owner of a province changes, this happened specifically on vassalizing or absorbing/migrating a city.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to FoodIncome not always updating properly when multiple updates were happening simultaneously.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur on viewing or annexing specific provinces.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur by the Notifications list not guaranteeing a unique sorting key which caused an OoS on hotjoining.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to Rulers sometimes getting a different Personality assigned.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur after a new round/game had started due to relations being incorrectly sorted.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur due to the Story System not always cleaning up all unit data for quests.

    • Fixed an Out of Sync that could occur by the “Saving the Meek” story event.


  • Ensured the “Free City available for Negotiations” advice would not show for free cities that are actually not available for negotiations.

  • Both Low Food and Low Stability advice will now trigger properly.



  • Amplification

    • Amplified Arrows no longer allows units to keep firing after the first shot kills the initial target.

  • Astral Mirror

    • Mirror Veil is now permanent like any other Unit Enchantment.

  • Arch Mage

    • Maximized Magic - Changed from +100% Crit Chance to +40% Crit Chance and +20% hit Chance.


  • Horde:

    • Houndmaster - Decreased Hit Points from 60HP to 40 HP.

    • Houndmaster “War Hound” - Decreased Hit Points from 45HP to 25HP.

  • Chaos Channeling

    • Fan the Inferno is now a Battlefield Wide Spell, deals 5 damage and applies Burning.


  • Crucible

    • Lava Burst - Reduced the Damage from 40 Fire Damage to 30 Fire Damage.


  • Roots

    • Living Vines from Vine Prison and Vine Fortress: 

      • Can no longer get Unit Enchantments.

      • Have had their AI target priority greatly reduced, decreasing the chance of AI targeting them.

      • Only last for 1 turn in combat.

  • Glades

    • Leafskin Transformation now grants +1 Resistance in addition to its other effects.


  • Zeal

    • Zealot - Decreased Physical Damage from 12 to 11.


Rebalance of the Souls economy. The following changes should result in a higher general soul income and the possibility to gain even more souls when investing in it.

  • All Necromancy Tomes: Increased the Soul Harvest income from 1/2/3/4/5 and 5 per Hero Level to 2/3/4/5/6 and 6 for each Hero.

  • Tome of Souls: 

    • Skeleton & Bone Golem now have Low Maintenance.

    • Replace Soulbind Army with Sustained World Spell: Soul Collection.

    • Soul Collection - +6 Soul Income and 30 Gold upkeep.

    • Soul Fire - Changed the Casting Costs from 10 Souls to 10 Mana.

    • Soul Overflow - Max HP buff no longer stacks with itself.

  • Tome of Necromancy:

    • Necromancer - Reduced Soul cost from 50 Souls to 70 Gold and 25 Souls.

    • Added the Summon Corrupt Soul Spell.

    • Corrupt Soul

      • Is now an undead.

      • Has Low Maintenance.

    • Rotting Explosion - Reduced the Casting Cost from 15 Mana and Casting Points to 10 Mana and Casting points.

  • Tome of Great Transformation: 

    • Wightborn Transformation - Changed the Casting Cost from 200 Souls to 300 Mana and 100 Souls.


  • These units now have Juggernaut (can destroy non Fortified obstacles by walking):

    • Karagh

    • All adult Dragons

    • Entwined Scourge

    • Kraken

    • Caustic Worm

    • Earth Titan

    • Horned God

    • Gold Golem

  • Giants got Unstoppable Juggernaut (can destroy non Fortified obstacles without slowing down).

  • Ghost Ship is now Ethereal and Undead.

  • The following units are now permanently mounted:

    • Mystic Spellbreaker

    • Hound Master

    • Wild Speaker

  • The following units are now mounted if you have an exotic mount:

    • Barbarian Warrior

    • Dark Pursuer

    • Feudal Defender

    • High Dawn Defender

    • Industrious Marksman

    • Mystic Spellshield

    • Glade Runner

    • White WItch

    • Evoker

  • Added a new “Optional Cavalry” tag to the unit panel for units that become mounted if the race has an exotic mount. This will be visible in the unit panel and encyclopedia.

  • Nightmare - Gained “Vicious Killer” Passive.

  • Nightmare - Increased Defense from 2 to 3.

  • Nightmare mount trait now gives Vicious Killer to mounted units.

World Map

  • Building victory structures will ‘explore’ the location of the structure to all other players instead of giving vision. This still triggers a meet event for players that haven’t met the owner of the victory structure yet.

  • Outpost Teleporter upgrade logic has been changed. You now choose the teleporter improvement when annexing a province using the outpost’s workcamp, or change its existing improvement into a teleporter. As long as the Teleporter Infrastructure empire trait has been unlocked.

  • If you attack through an underground passage, the Reinforcement Rule is now disabled, so it’s always a 1 army vs 1 army battle.

  • If you pillage a province of a free city, they will now wait a while before rebuilding it.

  • Changed text of existing Ancient Wonder events to fit the more bespoke names.

  • The Castle Ruins Ancient Wonder has received a entirely new Combat Map.


  • Story Events no longer auto generate text, which would call upon special localization tools that are not released to modders, which previously made modding Story Events impossible, this is now fixed.

  • Level editor will now ask where to save new maps.

  • Level editor various crash fixes.

  • Level editor decals translate/rotate/scale gizmos.

  • Removed localized text dialogs in Resource Editor double click editing.

  • Fixed crash on deleting an entity mod.

  • Fixed city structures from mods and dlc showing up grayed out.



  • Slowdowns at the start of a new realm have been decreased in severity by fixing a bottleneck with updating domain borders every time it placed diggable earth during the last stages of RMG, which could sometimes result in a crash.

  • Multiple crash fixes for starting the game when you are missing specific leader data due to disabling DLC or mods.

  • Fixed an issue where shadows were displaying incorrectly when playing on the lowest shadow settings.

  • Fixed an issue where if a player would receive multiple combat completed notifications it would cause a UI state where the combat results screen could no longer be closed.

  • Added mitigation for a crash that can occur in closing & opening Tooltips.

  • Added a Retry Option for when an Out of Memory is reached.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when generating Pantheon Heroes.

  • Fixed a crash in combat results that would happen because a newly created hero unit was trying to manipulate relations before those were initialized.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen when a player was defeated while one of their heroes was still routing and was also a governor of one of their cities.

  • Fixed a crash that would on vassalizing a city if there were off-map heroes belonging to a ruler.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the removal of duplicate races.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur due to a raw-pointer in the UI.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Province Borders if the Color was missing/removed (due to Mods).

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in Nested Tooltips when the Parent Tooltip got updated.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Figure Formations.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Start Up.

  • Fixed a soft-lock that could occur when multiple Combat Result screens would queue.

  • Fixed faction saving and deleting issues on PS5.


  • Fixed issue where vassals that were player cities would not send attack armies or spawn patrolling stacks.

  • Fixed issue where AI would get racial transformations while they were not allowed to.

  • Fixed issue where campaign specific personality traits could get automatically assigned to rulers.

  • Fixed issue where free cities would still think they were at war while they lost their capital on some occasions.

  • Fixed issue where free cities would not defend their domain.

  • Fixed issue in the AI Missions keeping them from Pillaging.


  • Fixed crash caused by the AI not properly storing and validating the “recruit unit from Rally of the Lieges” missions.

  • Fixed issue the AI would pick the Personality based diplomacy pose over the one set in faction creation / preset for the leader.

  • Fixed crash that would happen in the IsVassalized check when using it on Rulers (would not crash on free cities).

  • Fixed issue where equipment items could be added multiple times to the same trade in human-vs-human trading.

  • Fixed issue where whispering stones would not get removed from an owned city when the ownerside had changed, this could cause a crash and could also cause the player to not be able to withdraw the WS.

  • Fixed an error that would occur on buying equipment from an AI player in trading.

  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes incorrectly receive alignment penalties for breaking treaties when war was declared on them, instead the war declaring player now receives the penalties.

  • Fixed several issues where the state of the diplomacy trade screen could be wrong if viewing a declined trade while there is already a new proposal, making a counter offer or making a counter offer that is identical to the original offer.

  • Fixed issue where AI rulers would still show foreshadowing messages (opportunity to improve the relation or that it will degrade soon) while their leader is in the Astral Void.

  • Fixed an issue where the 5 turns delay for declaring war on a Free City would not be applied when vassalizing a city / having a vassal city.

  • Fixed issue where having negative allegiance on Whispering Stone could cause a WS to become lost if assigned to an owned City and then ending the turn.

  • Fixed issue where trades would sometimes incorrectly fail if it would cost more than half of the resources of the offering ruler.


  • Fixed issue where Quest events would not be removed immediately if the quest had failed.

  • Fixed crash that would happen when a Story Event was removed because the quest entity would still reference it and try to access the data.

  • Fixed issue where the Position Generation for Kill Quest Objectives would not fail quest spawning correctly and could then cause a crash.

  • Fixed issue where kill quest objectives would not correctly filter out water only units and therefore failed to spawn the quest target army.

  • Fixed crash in quests when converting an Outpost into a City.

  • Fixed issue where Story Events would not spawn under specific conditions, causing players to not be able to finish or receive campaign related story events, preventing them from completing the campaign.

  • Fixed issue where certain campaign quests would not spawn if they required a specific resource node that only existed in owned provinces.

  • Fixed issue where story event buttons would not be hidden correctly due to an issue in sorting the button order.

  • Fixed unclarity in the Revel Without A Cause event.

  • Fixed that the wrong ruler was showing in the “Meandor Defeated” event in Eternal Court.

  • Fixed issue where the OnDefeatedAnotherPlayer scripting event would trigger before the player was marked as defeated in specific instances, this caused the Ashen War quest to not complete and end the game correctly.

Faction Creation

  • Form Traits should now have the correct values in-game.

  • Fixed Ruthless Raiders correctly rewarding Hero kills.

  • Fixed Ritualist Cannibals correctly rewarding Hero kills.

  • Fixed Battlefield Looting correctly rewarding Tier 5 Unit kills.

  • Fixed edited heroes not saving their data due to requesting the same (already used) filename.

  • Fixed an issue where custom titles or changed pronouns would reset as soon as you went into the game.


  • Fixed Heroes no longer give their intended reward per level, but just once for all Unit Kill Reward effects. Hero kill reward is equal to a Tier 5 unit.

  • Fixed hero count not updating when a hero gets captured in battle.

  • Fixed issue where recruited heroes who originate from Ancient Wonders would not gain XP or level up.


  • Fixed the order in which prospecting errors are displayed in the interface.

  • Fixed issue where certain trade requirements would no longer show the required values.

  • Fixed combat handicap/advantage not showing up in single player settings.

  • Fixed duplicate realm saving bug.

  • Fixed realm settings locking after posting a multiplayer game.

  • Fixed tutorial advice saying it can be dismissed from advice history when it can’t.

  • Hero traits now respect their “Display in Unit Panel” flag.

  • Fixed Wizard King race transformation conflict popup displaying the wrong text, it now correctly displays conflicts.

  • Fixed the Ancient of Earth wrongly showing up in ability modifiers.

  • Fixed the income breakdown in the province improvement screen.

  • Fixed issues with player count when using Presence Traits.

  • Fixed custom realm portal visualization issues.

  • Fixed Quick Start allowing you to go over the maximum sessions cap.

  • Fixed Tome voice-over continuing to play after closing the research screen.

  • Fixed top-bar imperium income color not correctly refreshing when war was declared.

  • Fixed glitch that allows a player to change the controller type of a presence trait ruler.

  • Fixed issue where the relation arrows would be shown on the ruler shields in the top bar for human players.

  • Fixed issue where trade interests (“interested in”) would be shown for human players in the diplomacy screen.

  • Fixed a double % in lure of the horde empire skill.

  • Fix for the city banner not being properly refreshed when you rush production for the unit queue.

  • Beacon of Unity now uses the correct icon.

  • Fixed issue where the shields in the top bar would still show the relation icons when that ruler was defeated.

  • Fixed broken tooltip for ritual of alacrity.

  • Fixed that the annex province button would appear on the outpost screen when you are currently doing an action on the outpost (so you can’t annex).

  • Fix for a crash when you have the special province improvement placing screen open and you click on a topbar button.

  • The Diplomacy screen UI now shows the active pronouncements.

  • Fixed Army Banners not disabling in Combat.


  • Fixed issue where the selection would reset to the top when buying a new pantheon unlock.

  • Fixed issue where the selection would reset to the bottom of the appearance screen when selecting a color or icon in one of the shield color/icon pickers and closing the side panel.


  • Fixed a bug where the To Battle tutorial quest would not automatically complete if you had already fought a battle before getting the tutorial.

Pantheon / Meta System

  • Fixed an issue where one of the Artisan Kings wouldn't correctly link in the frontend.

  • Fixed issue where the Rite of Allegiance and Might Makes Right scripts would give allegiance to relations even if the player was at war with the Free City, the City was under siege or was currently occupied, which led to invalid behavior.

  • Crystal Desserts map preset no longer spawns 7 hex grasslands in the middle of uninhabitable desert provinces.

  • Fixed rare bug where pantheon leaders show up as heroes while you are playing as that leader.


  • Fixed crash in city targeting spells when a city is owned by marauders.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen when declaring war through casting a hostile spell.

  • Fixed several issues where spell casting would not properly take into account the vassalage rules and queued diplomatic states.

  • Fixed issue where the Marching Winter spell was incorrectly marked as Hostile.

  • Fixed issue where the Consecrated Domain spell was incorrectly marked as Hostile.

  • Consecrated Domain, Transmute Resources, Cycle of Seasons and Fortress of Vines can now only be used on friendly cities, as intended.

  • Abyssal Flames and Pyroclastic Eruption now properly damage concealed units.

  • Ascended Warriors can now trigger evolution on higher tier units.

  • Fixed Tectonic Shatter spell not actually destroying half of the obstacles in the map and instead adding an empty Combat Enchantment.


  • Fixed an incorrect unlock setting for the Garden of Bliss from the Tome of Paradise.

  • Lure of the horde can now give units while the combat took place on a water hex.

  • Necrotic Spires now mention they heal Temporary HP instead of normal HP.


  • Caustic Worms can now correctly use Unit Enchantments.

  • Earthshatter engine units’ shatter the earth ability has been fixed so they show up again in the unit’s ability bar.

  • Fixed a bug where Towers Units didn't properly get their immunities, so they could Bleed and have other effects that didn't make sense for them.

  • Fixed bug where Spider Webs were dealing double damage.

World Map

  • Fixed a bug in continent map generation where a player would not be connected to anyone else.

  • Fixed a bug where multiple realm traits that gave units a minor transformation would overwrite each other rather than combine.

  • Fixed a bug where you could start in the underground without having a Free City of your race nearby.

  • Fixed issue where Transfer Captured Heroes code was being called when creating team games, which could trigger issues with notifications.

  • Fixed Vision property listener issue which was caused by the order in which provinces update their owner, this caused the listener to be registered and unregistered incorrectly which would crash the game.

  • Fixed crash that happened because of the order in which heroes are activated, this would attempt to add relation modifiers based on affinities before the relation was activated.

  • Throne city now still needs to be sieged if the throne is the only fortification left.

  • Fixed issues with sieging stacks losing in a combat outside the siege area.

  • Fixed multiple crashes when a siege becomes invalid.

  • Fixed having to besiege your own city after integrating it with an enemy army inside the walls.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen on razing a structure and then zooming out to the overview map.

  • Fixed issue where the City cap penalties would not be applied if the player has 4 or more cities beyond the city cap.

  • Fixed issue where vassalizing a migrated city, that at any point in time used to be a free city, would revert the city back to the original race of the free city. Instead it will now generate a new free city as owner of the city.

  • Fixed magic victory spells losing their effect when reloading that game.

  • Outpost upkeep is now correctly removed when the outpost is converted to a city.

  • Fixed an issue where a City would still be under siege for 1 turn when instantly vassalizing a conquered city. This would block certain interactions like assigning a whispering stone.

  • Fixed Outposts counting as cities for the following bonuses: Imperialists, Perfectionist Artisans and Metropolitan Society.

  • Fixed outposts losing population when food income is low.