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Announcing Age of Wonders 4!

The time has come. The moment you have been awaiting for years is finally here!

We are happy to announce that Age of Wonders 4 — the game where our classic gameplay is bolstered by new systems, adding more player choice and customization than ever before — will be released on May 2nd, 2023.

Rise to become a god among mortals as you wrest control over vast magical domains. Your adventure as a ruler has already started — whether you expand through conquest, careful diplomacy or mastering forbidden magic, your unique journey will shape the ages to come.

Watch the announcement trailer below!

From this day on we will share more and more details about the growing and evolving world of Age of Wonders:

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When will the Age of Wonders 4 be available? The game will be released on May 2nd, 2023! What platforms will Age of Wonders 4 be on? PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5

Where do I pre-order the game? Pre-orders will be available soon — stay tuned for more!

Does the game have online or co-op gameplay? Age of Wonders 4 multiplayer is versatile and replayable, supporting both live and asynchronous games.

What is asynchronous multiplayer? In Age of Wonders 4 Multiplayer, each player can take their turn when it suits them, without requiring all the players in the session to be online at the same time. It’s easy to fit some play time into a busy day!

How is AoW4 different from the previous games? [TBD] The classic gameplay of Age of Wonders is bolstered by new systems to add more player choice and customization than ever before, with the game world growing and changing in response during - and after - each game. Players’ rulers and units evolve both visually and mechanically and leave their mark on the player’s growing list of potential enemies and allies.

I have a question I want to ask a Developer, where can I do that? We will hold regular AmA sessions with the Dev Team on the Official Discord and Forum. Make sure to follow both of them not to miss a thing!

How often will Development Diaries get released, and where can I read them? We aim to release Dev Diaries on a weekly basis, and you will be able to read them on our forum, here, and on our Steam page.

Is there a beta and where can I apply? We are not recruiting any new testers at the moment, but keep on following us and we’ll keep you posted!

How can I be posted about the news? Sign up for the newsletter to be posted about the latest news and get a unique gift on Steam — Special Godir Helmet!

Can I get the sign-up bonus/gift on other platforms? Unfortunately, due to the technical features of different platforms, the sign-up bonus is only available on Steam. The item itself will be available for purchase in other stores later. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Age of Wonders 4 is available to wishlist on Steam today!