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Empires and Ashes + Golem Update Announcement


To our fellow Godirs, 

We are happy to announce that the new Age of Wonders 4 expansion, Empires and Ashes, is to be released in less than a month — on November 7th 2023! It will be available together with the Golem Update, which features various interesting improvements and the long awaited Item Forge!

We will share some details about the upcoming expansion below, but we do believe that it’s always better to show rather than tell, so watch the announcement trailer to learn more! 

So, what is coming on November 7th? 

Empires and Ashes Expansion: 

  • New Form: Avians

  • New Culture: Reavers

  • New Tomes

  • New Story: Ashes from the Past

  • New Victory Condition: Seals of Power

Golem Update:

  • Item Forge

  • New feature: War Coordination

  • Overhaul: Water Gameplay 

  • Form Trait Rework 

  • Quality of Life changes and more!


How can I purchase the Expansion?

For now you can Wishlist it and buy the DLC when it is out. But you can still purchase Expansion pass or Premium version of the game to have it added to your library in advance — it will be available at the DLC launch.

When the DLC will be available?

The Empires and Ashes expansion will be available on November 7th.

What is a Golem update?

It is a free update which includes various fixes and some gameplay feature updates based on the community feedback and requests.

How will the multiplayer work if my friend has DLC and I don’t?

The DLC ownership rights of the game's host are used. If the host owns the DLC, all players can use the content as if they owned it.


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