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The thundering sound of War Machines pierces the Veil… 

We are incredibly happy to finally share Age of Wonders 4’s first Expansion with you guys, Empires & Ashes. This expansion brings with it a surprising new Avian Form, the Military focussed Reaver Culture, 4 Brand new Tomes and the return of the Seals Victory. Explore the new Ashes from the Past storyline and meet up with Heroes from Atlha’s past and much more. Alongside the expansion we also released the Golem Update, available for all owners of Age of Wonders 4! With new Features like the Item Forge and reworks for core systems such as the Form Traits, this Update will have plenty to go around. Check below for all the details on expansion features and free updates.

Empires & Ashes Expansion


New Form: Avians

These Tropical Birds are feathered and beaked beings whose families are usually defined as Nests. Their sing-song calls can carry over entire forests. Choose one of the many beautiful patterns and tweak their colors to your liking. With a variety of colors, crests and head options you’ve never seen a bird quite like this.

We’ve also added Bear Mounts. Stick with the classic Brown Bear or the cool Polar Bear or invest in the ravaged Dire Bear.


New Culture: Reavers

Reaver cultures are pragmatic and brutal, seeking the expansion of their dominion through industrial might fueled by conquests and raids. Descendants of the commonwealth, they’ve inherited the scraps of its technological might which they use to great effect, preferring ranged combat and cunning strategy over the frontal assaults of more “honorable” cultures.


New Tomes

Explore the concepts of the Dreadnought across four Materium Hybrid Tomes. Turn your Weakness into Strength with the Tome of Alchemy. Build and Control Legions of Constructs with the Tome of the Construct. Bring out the War Machines with the Tome of the Dreadnought and put a stop to all magic with the Tome of Severing.


New Story: Ashes from the Past

What happened to the valiant Commonwealth heroes who spearheaded Athla’s defense against the onslaught of the Wizard Kings? You will find the answer as you heed a call for aid from the Athlan sorceress Laryssa herself. Stand shoulder to shoulder with her, for only together can you halt the destructive march of Chaos!


New Victory Condition: Seals of Power

The Seals of Power are ancient relics that control access to a realm from the Astral Sea. Capture and hold Seals to earn enough points to win the game, but be prepared to defend them at all cost.

Even More Content

While we’re sure the above is already a lot, it’s only the tip of the Iceberg. Further included in the Empires & Ashes Expansion are:

  • 16 New Events spread across Free Cities, Seals, Ancient Wonders

  • 10 Achievements

  • 6 New Music Tracks

  • New World Map Locations & Wildlife

  • New Realm Template & Realm Traits

  • New Empire & Ashes themed Interface Skin

Golem Update


Item Forge

What is a modern game without some crafting? The Item Forge returns in the Golem Update and lets you create Items tailor made to your Rulers & Heroes. Disenchant acquired Items to gain Binding Essence, pick your Item Base and choose from Damage, Ability and Passive Infusions. Collect Magic Materials to unlock stronger and rare Infusions and make truly Powerful Weapons.


War Coordination

Send orders to your Vassals and organize them against targets of your choice. Whether you’re marching into the fields of War, clearing a nearby Infestation or even need support defending your own Cities your Vassal Cities will lend their undying support. In a rush and don’t have time to wait? Call for an immediate attack. Need additional Reinforcements? Strengthen the next attack with Units from your own Rally of the Lieges.


Water Gameplay

Water Gameplay has received some tender love and care. Coasts are going to be more varied with new Sunken Ruins and Mangrove Forest Features. These features allow you to build coastal versions of Quarries, Foresters, Research Posts and more. With new Ocean Combat Maps, unique Boats Visuals per Unit Role and additional polish you’ll experience Water Combat with fresh eyes.

Form Trait Rework

The Form Traits have been reworked. Gone are the Body & Mind trait, instead you get to spend Trait Points to acquire any combination of Form Traits they like. Form Traits have been given a point value and rebalanced to fit their new Cost, while Forms & Premade Rulers have been updated to take full advantage of this new flexibility. 

Also included are two new Society Traits that focus on mechanics introduced in the Golem Update. 

  • Hermit Kingdom - This Astral Society Trait is for those that prefer to live in Isolation. Experiencing the benefits of solitude through increased City Stability and Knowledge Income and condemn those that dare to come close.

  • Reclaimers - This Materium Society Trait is for true Crafters that know how to use every bit of material left behind after a battle.These materials are then reused to craft more suitable items.

Quality of Life and more

In addition to the new features & reworks in the Golem Update, we’ve also got tons of other improvements. Combat Advantage can now be set for AI Rulers in the Advanced Settings, giving you more control over the challenge you’ll encounter. Rulers you create can be given a specific Personality with the AI Personality Picker, or left on Default for the occasional surprise.

Fans of the Multiplayer variety will experience an improved Game Flow as fights against Independents no longer prohibit players from taking Actions on the World Map. And maybe most requested of all, the Spell List has received a major update and transformed itself into a beautiful Spell Book.

This hardly covers all the changes in the Golem Update. For the full list of change notes, please visit the Paradox Forums.


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