Cities: Skylines II - Deluxe Relax Station

Drift into a world of tranquility with Deluxe Relax Station, where ambient melodies and soothing soundscapes gently envelop you. This radio transforms your city building session into a harmonious journey, setting the perfect auditory scene for creativity and calm. Let this be your zone of peace, a serene audio backdrop that encourages you to realize your urban dream.

Deluxe Relax Station features 60 minutes of music, including:

  • 16 music tracks

  • 15 DJ voice tracks

Deluxe Relax Station is also available as part of the Expansion Pass: Waterfronts

Listen to the music of Deluxe Relax Station

Teaser Trailer

Included in Waterfronts Expansion Pass

Discover the charm of the sea with "Waterfronts Expansion Pass," a collection of expansions and music packs themed around waterfront living. This pass also includes creator packs, adding assets from known community creators to your library.



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