If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It

Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into a thriving metropolis with the most realistic city builder ever. Push your creativity and problem-solving to build on a scale you've never experienced. With deep simulation and a living economy, this is world-building without limits.

You Make It Happen. You Make It Yours. You Make Cities.

Cities: Skylines II Trailers


Cities: Skylines II - Ultimate Edition

Cities: Skylines II - Ultimate Edition gives you access to the Base Game, the Waterfronts Expansion Pass, and an additional 3 Creator Packs and 3 Radio Stations.

Included in the Waterfronts Expansion pass is the San Francisco Set, the Creator Packs Modern Architecture and Urban Promenades, the Bridges & Ports Expansion and the radio packs Deluxe Relax Station, Soft Rock Radio and Cold Wave Channel.


Plan, React, Change

Deep Simulation

AI and intricate economics mean your choices ripple through the fabric of the city. Remember that as you strategize, problem-solve, and react to change, challenges, and opportunities.

Higher & Wider

Epic Scale, Endless Possibilities

Cities: Skylines II lets you create without compromise. Now you can build sky-high and sprawl across the map like never before. Why not? Your city is you.

City Life

Cities That Come Alive

Your decisions shape each citizen's life path, a chain of events that defines who they are. From love and loss to wealth and wellbeing, follow their life's ups and downs.

Weather, Climate & Seasons

A Dynamic World

Pick a map to set the climate of your city. These are the natural forces you'll negotiate to expand your city amid rising pollution, changeable weather, and seasonal challenges.


Stay Up To Date

Collect Your Castle!

Get an additional Unique Building - the Medieval Castle! Connect your Paradox account in game and plop the castle from the Parks & Recreation build menu. Sign up now or log in with your existing account.

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Gameplay Screenshots

Physical Editions

The limited Premium Edition will also be available for pre-order. Including a Steelbook, a wrapped Base Game and the digital Expansion Pass, packaged with a double-sided drawable city map and specially designed pens for planning out the city of your dreams.

For purchase options please check with your local game store.


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