Cities: Skylines II


Cities: Skylines II

Feature Highlights

What is new in Cities: Skylines II you ask?

With a new episode each week we take you through everything the game has to offer, ranging from familiar features which have been expanded, to elements brand new to the franchise.

Feature #1: Road ToolsBuilding roads is more flexible than before, helping you realize your vision for the perfect road layout. You will find a variety of new and returning options!
Feature #2: Traffic AIManaging traffic in a growing city was a core part of Cities: Skylines, and for the sequel we wanted to bring you a more advanced system to make the city feel more realistic and alive.
Feature #3: Public & Cargo TransportationAn integral part of a city’s inner workings is public transportation. Expand as the city grows from buses and taxis to other transportation systems such as tram and subway networks.
Feature #4: Zones & Signature BuildingsVarious zone types create the bulk of the city: sprawling suburban areas and apartment building blocks, busy commercial districts, noisy industrial parks and sleek high-rise office complexes.
Feature #5: City ServicesBrand-new services join the familiar city services, and while basic functionality remains the same, they have more nuanced and complex mechanics befitting a more realistic city-building game.
Feature #6: Electricity & WaterElectricity and water are crucial for running a city. A lack of electricity or water leads to reduced Well-being, while a backed-up sewage takes a toll on citizen Health.
Feature #7: Maps & ThemesA brief comparison of map sizes: A map tile in Cities: Skylines II is smaller than its predecessor - but you are able to unlock almost all tiles, giving you a whopping total of 441 map tiles.
Feature #8: Climate & SeasonsIn Cities: Skylines II we have a whole new feature in the form of Climates! It brings changing seasons to the game and makes each map a unique gaming experience with its own Climate.
Feature #9: Economy & ProductionA closer look at the economic simulation, how citizens and companies manage and use resources, and how you can build a prosperous city.
Feature #10: Game ProgressionGame progression has two interconnected layers: Milestones that give you points to spend in your Development Trees, allowing you to unlock more advanced services.
Feature #11: Citizen Simulation & LifepathEach citizen has their own Lifepath. They either move into the city or are born there. If they are happy, they will stay in the city and eventually grow old and die of old age.
Feature #12: Sound & MusicCity Service building sounds, atmospheric sounds and the sound of traffic - all these elements have been expanded to give more depth, variety, and control.
Feature #13: Cinematic Camera & Photo ModeA deep dive into our new Camera & Photo Mode tools where you truly can put your city into its best light, and share your creations with others.

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