Cities: Skylines II


You Are The Creator

A world of free creativity is coming soon

Welcome to a world of free creativity. With Mods (short for modifications) you can tailor your gaming experience to your unique preferences. Uploaded by creators all over the world, you can pick between anything. From buildings to maps, you’re able to create the city of your dreams - and our Mods platform is the place to express yourself.


A First Look at The Editor

Cities: Skylines II Modding

Mods Are Now For Everyone

Ready to enhance your game? Modding is an integral part of Cities: Skylines II and we want it to be available - to everyone. With Paradox Mods, you will now be able to access the Modding library both on PC and Console.

The Modding tools are currently in Beta and will launch shortly after release. In preparation, we are collaborating with a talented group of creators - ensuring you’ll have amazing Mods to dive into on its launch.


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Collect Your Castle!

Get an additional Unique Building - the Medieval Castle! Connect your Paradox account in game and plop the castle from the Parks & Recreation build menu. Sign up now or log in with your existing account.

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