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Beach Properties and Modding Wavelet Patch Announcement

Bring life to your city’s waterfronts with Beach Properties. Specializing in residential buildings that kiss the water's edge, this Asset Pack brings the tranquility and beauty of coastal living to your city. Waterfront Zone A new residential zoning option dedicated to waterfront buildings allows you to redefine your city's coastline. Beach Properties Each theme adds growable residential buildings waiting to populate your new waterfront zone, from luxurious waterfront mansions to charming beachside cottages. Signature Waterfront Buildings Tailored to fit into European or North American architectural themes, these signature buildings are crafted to highlight your city’s beachfront.

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Beach Properties features 70 new assets, including:

  • 10 North American residential buildings with three levels (30 assets)

  • 10 European residential buildings with three levels (30 assets)

  • Six signature buildings

AND Four New trees Beach Properties is also available as part of the Expansion Pass: Waterfronts, which is included in the Ultimate Edition. As our expansion pass journey has begun a bit later than we set out for during the fall, here is our updated roadmap.

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With Mods (short for modifications), you can tailor your gaming experience to your unique preferences. Uploaded by creators all over the world, you can pick between anything to create the city of your dreams. Along with Beach Properties, the first wave of Cities: Skylines II Modding will be available. The Beta release of Modding will initially support Map and Code mods. With the Map Editor, you can make maps with the Terraforming Tools you’re used to, import hightmaps to create highly accurate depictions of your hometown, and upload your creations to Paradox Mods. With the Code Tools, you can show off your coding skills and create Code Mods to meet your heart's desire! Future updates will improve on these tools and come to include support for Asset Mods. As we’ve talked about before, there will be updates to these tools that we are currently working on, and we will see some updates before the 1.0 release. We will be taking your opinion into consideration when we continue to work on the editor and are looking forward to seeing the feedback that you might have.

If you’re curious about what the process of Modding will look like you can already check it out on the Cities: Skylines II Wiki here: https://cs2.paradoxwikis.com/Modding

This also means that Paradox Mods will also open for you to upload your own creations and download the creations of your favorite Map and Code Mod creators! We’re excited to see it fill up!

Updates and Fixes Along with Beach Properties, there will also be a substantial amount of Performance updates and General Fixes & Improvements. We hope to see much improvement to performance, especially on lower-end spec computers. The full Patch Notes will be posted along with the release of Beach Properties on the 25th. This week we will also release three Developer Diaries on the topic of Modding; 19th of March: Dev Diary #1: Paradox Mods in Cities: Skylines II 20th of March: Dev Diary #2: Map Editor 21st of March: Dev Diary #3: Code Modding Beach Properties, Map Editor, Code Mod Tools, and Paradox Mods are washing up on your shore on March 25th, 2024.

Cities: Skylines II: Beach Properties

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