Cities: Skylines II

Colossal Order 15th Anniversary

The Chirper Initiative

We are excited to present the Super-Chirper, a special edition release to mark Colossal Order's 15th anniversary. Chirper, the voice of our citizens in Cities: Skylines II, now comes to life in adorable plush form and has been given a heroic twist with its very own Super-Chirper cape.

Ready to bring that joy and cuddliness into your home?

Available for a limited time only

Super-Chirper Plushie

Our Super-Chirper Plushie is available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on getting yours. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to many more anniversaries and years of building together!

Paradox Interactive will donate the proceeds from the Super-Chirper Plushie to the Pelimetsä initiative, a Finnish Charity of Colossal Orders choice, working towards protecting the Finnish forests.

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Happy Birthday Colossal Order

The proceeds made by this initiative will be donated to Pelimetsä, a good cause that is picked by Colossal Order.

Why is this initiative so important for the Developers?

The Finnish forest is a source of inspiration, a place to explore and to have an adventure in. The Finnish forest guards us; it offers fresh air, calm, and peace. It gives us a place of happiness whether it be for picking berries or mushrooms in the Autumn, to spot the wildlife during summer, hiking in the snow in the winter or to see everything come back to life in the spring. The Finnish forest is not only the nature that surrounds us, it's in the nature of the Finnish people. It's our will to preserve it for future generations, for our children to explore, and learn to respect and protect the forest in return.

Colossal Order is proud to be a part of the Pelimetsä initiative by The Finnish Game Developers' Association to protect old Finnish forests and biodiversity. The initiative is a cooperation with The Natural Heritage Foundation, which has for decades bought and preserved the most magical parts of the Finnish forest - the old untouched areas, home for the vulnerable or endangered species (maybe some fairies too). - Colossal Order If you want to read more about our chosen charity, you can find more information here: https://pelimetsa.fi/en/


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