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From Paradox Development Studio’s original sci-fi title, Stellaris, comes the complete soundtrack composed by Andreas Waldetoft including performances by the Brandenburg State Orchestra. With the full score from the initial game, along with new tracks from expansion content such as Utopia, Synthetic Dawn, and more, this soundtrack contains a total of 31 tracks, with over three hours of music, fusing melodic orchestral performance with synthetic creations. This soundtrack provides fans with a growing, living set of music, with more tracks to be added as Stellaris continues to expand in the future.

Previously only available in the Stellaris Nova and Galaxy Editions, this soundtrack comes with over two hours fusion of melodic orchestral and synth music for you to enjoy, with themes that evoke discovery and far-reaching exploration through the vast expanse of space.

Stellaris (base game) is required to play this Soundtrack.

Main features


1. Stellaris Suite - Creation & Beyond

2. Faster Than Light - Feat. Mia Stegmar

3. Deep Space Travels

4. To the Ends of the Galaxy - Instrumental

5. In Search of Life

6. Spatial Lullaby

7. Gravitational Constant

8. Alpha Centauri

9. Genesis

10. The Celestial City

11. Infinite Being

12. Pillars of Creation

13. Distant Nebula - Instrumental

14. Sigma Tauri1

15. Journey Through the Galaxy

16. Riding the Solar Wind

17. The Birth of a Star

18. Luminescence

19. Distant Nebula - Feat. Mia Stegmar

20. Faster Than Light - Instrumental

21. Battle For Supremacy - Bonus Track

22. Infinite Being - Alternative Version

23. To the Ends of the Galaxy - Alternative Version


1. Dragon Breath

2. Assembling the Fleet

3. The Awakened

4. The Titan

5. The Last Stand


1. Utopia Main Title

2. A New Dawn

3. Towards Utopia

4. The Imperial Fleet

5. Cradle of the Galaxy

6. In Memory of Mercedez Romero

Synthetic Dawn

1. Synthetic Dawn Main Theme

2. Robo Sapiens

3. Robotic God


Immerse yourself in Stellaris Complete Soundtrack
Stellaris Complete Soundtrack (screenshot 1)
Stellaris - cardBackground

Full game required

Play with the full game version of Stellaris


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