A New Age Of Galactic Adventure Begins

It is a time of unbridled progress. As cybernetic augmentation transcends the limits of the body, synthetic ascension beckons with the promise of eternal life. Structures of immense size and power appear between the stars with shocking regularity. Scientists race to unlock the secrets of creation even as individual machines compete for resources and prestige. It is a period of technological marvels, rapid change, and unchecked ambition... But from the ashes of a Fallen Empire, a danger unlike any before encountered is about to emerge, a looming threat that will throw the very meaning of life into question. Welcome to The Machine Age, a new Expansion for Stellaris developed by Paradox Development Studio!

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Your machine empires are no longer limited to gestalt consciousness. What is your story? Were you simple servitors who suddenly acquired consciousness? Will you want to indulge in the pleasures of the material world without the consequences that an organic body would have to suffer? Further customize your empire with 3 new Machine Ascension Paths.

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Explore two new sets of portraits for your species that visually represent your advancement through Cybernetic and Synthetic Ascension.

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As you delve ever closer to the mind of the machine, you will have to face new challenges for your society. Every decision matters and the only certainty is that your empire will not be the same after its Ascension.

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Cybernetic Creed - Your empire pursues a divine calling: the holy fusion of the body and cybernetics. Augmentation is worship.

Synthetic Fertility - Once a thriving society, a novel genetic disease leaves your empire unable to reproduce biologically. Digital salvation seems the only option to avoid extinction.

Arc Welders - Hailing from a world starved for space, a robotic society turns to the stars for resources.

On top of that, 6 new Civics, 2 new superstructures (the molten Arc Furnace and powerful Dyson Swarm), new Pop Traits, and 7 brand new music tracks for the best in synthetic beats!

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A tempest rages in space, a Fallen Empire goes dark, and a long-forgotten enemy emerges to shake the foundations of power.

Cetana, the Synthetic Queen, promises to deliver the galaxy from suffering. Her reach is immense, and her true aims opaque. Will you collaborate, or seek to derail her plans? Prepare for a Crisis unlike any other, and a battle beyond imagination…



We are all bound by limits – constraints of the body, of time, and the physical rules of an uncaring universe. Who among us has not dreamed of casting off these chains? Of breaking through to a new, better reality?

To accomplish such a task, technology on a scale never before seen must be developed. Calculations will be needed far beyond the scope of any computer. Within the Synaptic Lathe, your best and brightest minds must be put to work. If a few are burnt out along the way, so be it. No breakthrough comes without sacrifice.


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5 Portraits 3
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Stellaris - Season 08

Expansion Pass

The Stellaris: Expansion Pass includes "The Machine Age", a new expansion from Paradox Development Studios, "Cosmic Storms", a new mechanical expansion and "The Grand Archive Story Pack"!

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