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Save 20% - 4 in 1 Unbeatable Value

Get Exclusive Instant Unlock

Season 08

Expansion Pass

The Stellaris: Expansion Pass includes "The Machine Age", a new expansion from Paradox Development Studios, "Cosmic Storms", a new mechanical expansion and "The Grand Archive Story Pack"!

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Stellaris RickTheCube EventCover 800x450
Available Now

Rick The Cube Species Portrait

An exclusive portrait for your species, to play as the most enigmatic species in the galaxy. As every Stellaris Species Portrait, it comes with three different variants (phenotypes) and custom animations. Players will be able to select this portrait in the empire creation skin before starting a new game session.

Available Now

Stellaris: The Machine Age

Explore the Cyberpunk Fantasies of technological augmentation and digitalization of consciousness by expanding the possibilities offered in game by the Cybernetics and Synthetics Ascension. Address the moral and social challenges that communing with the machine bring to your space-faring empire, and face a new threat looming over the galaxy… or become a new threat yourself, as you tear through time and space to shape reality to your image.

Stellaris CosmicStorms EventCover 800x450
Q3 2024

Stellaris: Cosmic Storms

A new phenomenon has been observed around the Galaxy - storms are sweeping through system. Prepare your Empire and brace to face this new upcoming threat, and leverage possibilities that open when your opponents are weakened by it.

Stellaris TheGrandArchive EventCover 800x450
Q4 2024

Stellaris: The Grand Archive Story Pack

The Galaxy is vast and full of wonders, and it is up to you to store records of all the unique lifeforms and marvels you will meet. Build a new megastructure, and collect examples of specimens you will meet in your space-faring adventures!



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