Cast off the Shackles of Biology

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn provides an all-new way for players to establish their empire across the stars, starting the game as a Machine Empire -- a society made up entirely of robots.

Unique game features and event chains will allow the machines to expand as a robotic consciousness, and create an AI-led network that grows to galactic dominance.

Main features

You, Robot:

Play Stellaris as a customized robotic civilization, complete a series of robotic portraits for science robots, worker robots, and more.

AI, eh? Aye!:

Follow new event chains and story features to lead your robot race to greatness as an intergalactic AI empire; pursue mechanical perfection in the stars.

Rise of the Machines:

Oppressed synths may rebel against their masters and form new empires -- or you may even discover a fallen synthetic civilization deep in space.

Digital Enhancements:

New synthetic race portraits, and expanded voice packs for VIR.

New Music:

Featuring three new tracks from composer Andreas Waldetoft expressing the high-tech theme of the Story Pack.


Immerse yourself in Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 1)
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 2)
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 3)
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 4)
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 5)
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 6)
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn (screenshot 7)
Stellaris - cardBackground

Full game required

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