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Ancient Relics for Stellaris: Console Edition is Now Available!

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Paradox Interactive is proud to announce the Ancient Relics Story Pack is now available for Stellaris: Console Edition on Xbox and PlayStation!

In the second addition to Expansion Pass Four, uncover the ruins of long-lost civilizations, and find powerful relics allowing your empire to realize your empire’s ambitions amongst the stars.

Discover new Archaeology Sites in Ancient Relics that will allow you to restore the Grand Herald to its former glory, explore Hidden Worlds and grasp a chance at immortality, or embark on a quest for the Rubricator, as well as a plethora of other Archaeology Sites containing ruins from the past.

Find new Relics, each with a unique passive and active effect, including powerful relics at the end of the existing precursor chains, at the end of the Baol and Zroni precursor chains, as well as many other Relics that give unique bonuses and abilities.

Learn the story of the Baol, an ancient sprawling interstellar Hivemind of psychically linked Plantoids, or the Zroni, possibly the most powerful Psionics to ever exist in the galaxy.

Unearth the mysteries of the Ancient Relics Story Pack for Xbox and PlayStation today!