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Announcing Stellaris: Overlord

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In Stellaris: Overlord, a new full expansion, gain access to new features designed to unlock the next level of your empire. 

Guide a galaxy full of potential subjects to victory - or subjugation. New mechanics provide many ways to specialize your vassals’ roles within your empire, bring new planets and subjects under your reign, and new magnificent megastructures to project your power further, faster.

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The Brightest Star Must Guide Them

Overlord’s thematic focus is on exerting your will across the galaxy, the projection of power, and the expansion of civilization under your glorious banner. The other empires can choose to submit willingly or by force, but they will submit.

In Federations, we expanded diplomacy between equals with the federations themselves and the politics of the Galactic Community. Nemesis included more hostile forms of diplomacy with espionage operations, and some empires declaring themselves more equal than others with the Custodian and the Galactic Imperium. 

In Overlord, we will explore diplomacy between empires that are explicitly not equal.

New Ways to Rule

Vassalization mechanics will undergo significant changes. 

A major goal in this revision was to make subjugation a more valuable and viable system with benefits for both sides, rather than being a delayed “Game Over” as you wait for Integration should you be subjugated.


Subjugation will be customizable, with Vassalization Contracts, Specialist Vassals, and Overlord Holdings.

New Beginnings and Friends


Explore five new Origins (including a new Origin for Hive Empires), as well as new enclaves, some of whom are Shrouded in mystery.


All Roads Lead to Deneb IIb

Governing a galaxy-spanning empire is challenging, and threats can come from any direction. There will always be those who plot to undo what you have built.

A new megastructure will allow you to counter such threats as well as help you take what you deserve.


Other new constructions will allow you to elevate civilization to new heights and exert your influence to build a network tying the galaxy together, with your capital as the center, of course.


Realize Your Grand Design

Will you be a benevolent Overlord that brings prosperity to the galaxy, or an oppressive tyrant exploiting your vassals? Or will you instead serve and become part of something greater?

The choice is yours. 

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