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Aquatics Species Pack Available Now!

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The Aquatics Species Pack and free 3.2 “Herbert” update, named for Sci-Fi author Frank Herbert, is available now!

Embrace the life of a seafaring civilization as you sail the open expanses of the galaxy.

The Aquatic Species Pack includes:

  • 15 new Aquatic Portraits

  • 1 Aquatic-themed Robotic Portrait

  • Water themed Ship Set

  • 2 New Origins

    • Here Be Dragons - Start in a system guarded by the Sky Dragon, this dragon will protect you from harm, as long as you keep it happy.

    • Ocean Paradise - Start on a large-sized Ocean world with rich food deposits, and get production, happiness, and pop growth bonuses on your homeworld, but start with no guaranteed habitable worlds.

  • Anglers Civic - Harvest the Bounty of the Deep, Agriculture Districts produce Angler and Pearl Diver jobs

  • Hydrocentric Ascension Perk - Allows you to use the Expand Planetary Sea decision on Ocean Worlds, and unlocks the Deluge Colossus Weapon (requires Apocalypse DLC)

  • Aquatic Species Trait - Gain production and habitability bonuses for living on Ocean worlds, and penalties for living on non-Wet worlds.

  • Aquatic Advisor, inspired by high seas adventure fiction

  • 4 Aquatic Name Lists

We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the Stellaris galaxy, and you can get the Aquatics Species Pack today!