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Announcing Astral Planes

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We’re pleased to announce that the Astral Planes will be released alongside the Stellaris 3.10 ‘Pyxis’ update.

Astral Planes is a narrative-focused expansion that adds mid to late game exploration content with over 30 Astral Rifts with widely branching storylines.

Unlike the relative safety of Archaeology sites, the Rifts you explore will lead to completely different realms of existence, where fundamentals that were certain at home may not always be true.




The Stellaris team has been working with Abrakam Entertainment since October 2022, and they've been working on Astral Planes in close collaboration with the rest of the Stellaris team. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be turning the dev diaries over to them so they can get to know you better, so you can feel some of the love they share for Stellaris, and so you can see why we trusted them to help with this release.

Astral Planes includes: 

  • Over 30 Astral Rifts to explore

  • 8 new Relics

  • 4 Civics

  • 1 Origin

  • Astral Threads and Astral Actions

  • 3 new music tracks composed by Andreas Waldetoft[/list] 

…as well as some insights into some old friends and enemies.

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