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Expansion Pass Four Now Available!

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Stellaris: Console Edition Expansion Pass Four, Federations Expansion and the 2.8.1 Update are Now Available for Xbox and PlayStation!

Expansion Pass Four consists of the Federations Expansion, the Ancient Relics Story Pack, and the Necroids Species Pack. This new Expansion Pass will offer new ways to play Stellaris: Console Edition, further deepening the storytelling and roleplay aspects of the game, and filling the Stellaris: Console Edition galaxy with more wonder and mystery than ever before.

In the Federations Expansion, you will be able to pass powerful resolutions in the Galactic Community, form new Federation types, build new massive constructions including the Mega Shipyard, the Juggernaut mobile shipyard, as well as choose from 8 new Origins to allow further customization of your empires.

Ancient Relics Story Pack (coming 2021) adds new archaeology sites and powerful new relics to Stellaris: Console Edition, allowing you to discover the galaxy as never before. Excavate ruins left by ancient empires, which could potentially reveal massive advantages to help in your conquest of the galaxy or discover Relic worlds long since abandoned.

Finally, the Necroids Species Pack (coming 2021) allows you to play as powerful undead creatures, absorbing willing sapient populations into your empire, with powerful new civics that allow you to memorialize fallen sapients, perform ritual sacrifices, and raise armies of undead.

But wait, there’s more! The free 2.8.1 Update includes many bug fixes and stability improvements. As well as improvements to the overall stability of the game, the free 2.8.1 update includes console-specific interface and user experience improvements, such as:

  • Galaxy Map Radial Menu

  • Improved Tutorial

  • Clickable icons on the galaxy map

  • Empire creation improvements

  • Renaming vassals and heirs

  • Other performance, bug fixes and user experience improvements

Get Expansion Pass Four and the free 2.8.1 update for Xbox and PlayStation today!