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Machine Age

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It is time to leave our flawed biological vessels behind

It’s our pleasure to announce that The Machine Age major expansion will be released alongside the Stellaris 3.12 ‘Andromeda’ update. Focusing on cybernetic, synthetic, and machine themes, The Machine Age will begin during the second quarter of 2024.

In pursuing the divine calling, we shall achieve the fusion of the exalted body and sacred cybernetics.​

The Technophants and Haruspex of the Cybernetic Creed will guide their flock to the perfect union of flesh and machine.


Cybernetic augmentation is not solely the province of the materialists.

Playgrounds stand empty. In time, we will cease to be.​ For now, our salvation lies in the digital realm…​

A doomed species races against extinction to reach the virtual world in Synthetic Fertility.


Blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.

Our planet is barren, but our home system is a bounty of riches.​ To exploit them, we must build bigger than ever before.​

Originally designed to build mighty constructions in space, the Arc Welders must utilize that advantage to the fullest to overcome the deficiencies of their home world.


These masters of Mega-Engineering began exploiting their home system before discovering faster-than-light travel.

The things that make me different​ are the things that make me, me.​

The creators may be gone, but society endures. Your chassis may have begun identical to trillions of others in your empire, but you are no drone - you are an individual.

With The Machine Age, you can explore the game as non-Gestalt, Individualist Machine Empires!


Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

A transformative age is upon us,​ sparked by innovation and oiled by opportunity.​

The Machine Age explores how Cybernetic and Synthetic Ascension affect society within your empire. Advanced government forms are available to empires that navigate the process.


The Cybernetic Creed Origin has an additional variant for each standard Authority.

Become better than you are.​

Six new civics provide additional choices for your empires.


Corporate and Hive Mind civics require MegaCorp or Utopia respectively.


Build a better future.​

Two mid-game structures are introduced in The Machine Age - exploit systems with the molten world Arc Furnace, and start your work towards a Dyson Sphere early by building the Dyson Swarm.


And so we came forth and once again beheld the stars.

Ignorance shackles us, putting the universe’s secrets out of reach.​ No matter the price, we must break free.​

Building upon the system introduced in Nemesis, The Machine Age introduces a second player crisis path, focused on technological ascendancy at any cost.


The time has come to be part of something greater.

My children, at last I am returned to you.​

For the first time since the Contingency was introduced in the Stellaris 1.8 “Čapek” release, a new end-game crisis has been unleashed. An ancient threat, sealed away for countless millennia, has returned.


The Machine Age expansion includes:​

  • Individualistic Non-Gestalt Machine Empires​

  • Gestalt Machine Intelligence Empires (also unlocked by the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack)​

  • Three new Origins​

  • Cybernetic Creed​

  • Synthetic Fertility​

  • Arc Welders​

  • Civics​

  • Guided Sapience​

  • Natural Design​

  • Obsessional Directive​

  • Protocol Droids​

  • Tactical Cogitators​

  • Augmentation Bazaars (Requires Megacorp)​

  • Two Mid-Game Structures​

  • Arc Furnace​

  • Dyson Swarms

  • New Ascension Paths for Machine Empires​

  • Cybernetic and Synthetic Ascension (also unlocked by Utopia)​

  • Exploration of the effects of the cyberization or synthesization of society, with Advanced Government Forms for those who complete it.​

  • New Species Traits for Cyborgs, Machines and Robots​

  • Cybernetic portraits that change based on advancement through cyberization​

  • Synthetic portraits with both organic and synthetic variants that changed based on synthesization, usable by either organics or machines​

  • Two new Shipsets, Diplomatic Rooms, and City Sets​

  • 7 new music tracks synthetic and cybernetic inspired music tracks​

  • A new Player Crisis Path​

  • …And a new End-Game Crisis.​


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