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Stellaris: Season 08 and The Machine Age are available to pre-purchase now!

Hello Stellaris Community!

We are proud to announce The Machine Age will be released on Tuesday, May 7th and is available for pre purchase now for 24.99 USD/EUR or regional equivalents!

In addition to The Machine Age, we also have put together Stellaris: Season 08! Season 08 includes all the major Stellaris content planned to be released in 2024 at a more than 20% discount (39.99 or regional equivalents), and as a purchase bonus for Season 08 you will get an exclusive Machine Rick the Cube portrait as an instant unlock!

Stellaris: Season 08 and The Machine Age are available to pre-purchase now!

Let's find out what Season 08 contains:

Day 1 Unlock: Rick The Cube Species Portrait

Initially announced in Stellaris Dev Diary ∛338, Rick the Cube is no joke. 

Unlocked immediately with the purchase of the Season 08, this Machine species portrait is a cube and definitely not a human.

Stellaris: The Machine Age (Major Expansion - coming May 7 2024 - $24.99)

The Machine Age is the heart of the bundle. This major expansion allows you to explore cyberpunk fantasies of technological augmentation and digitalization of consciousness, expanding the possibilities offered in game by the Cybernetic and Synthetic Ascension Paths. You can address the moral and social challenges that communing with the machine brings to your space-faring empire, and face a new threat looming over the galaxy… or become a new threat yourself, as you tear through time and space to shape reality to your image. 

The Machine Age expansion includes:​

  • Individualistic Non-Gestalt Machine Empires​

  • Gestalt Machine Intelligence Empires (also unlocked by the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack)​

  • Three new Origins​

    • Cybernetic Creed​

    • Synthetic Fertility​

    • Arc Welders​

  • Civics​

    • Guided Sapience​

    • Natural Design​

    • Obsessional Directive​

    • Protocol Droids​

    • Tactical Cogitators​

    • Augmentation Bazaars (Requires Megacorp)​

  • Two Mid-Game Structures​

    • Arc Furnace​

    • Dyson Swarms​

  • Three New Machine Ascension Paths

    • Modularity

    • Nanotech

    • Virtuality

  • Cybernetic and Synthetic Ascension (also unlocked by Utopia)​

  • Exploration of the effects of the cyberization or synthesization of society, with Advanced Government Forms for those who complete it.​

  • New Species Traits for Cyborgs, Machines and Robots​

  • Cybernetic portraits that change based on advancement through cyberization​

  • Synthetic portraits with both organic and synthetic variants that changed based on synthesization, usable by either organics or machines​

  • Two new Shipsets, Diplomatic Rooms, and City Sets​

  • 7 new synthetic and cybernetic inspired music tracks​

  • A new Become the Crisis Path​ - Cosmogenesis

  • …And the Synthetic Queen, a new End-Game Crisis

Stellaris: Cosmic Storms (Mechanical Expansion - coming Q3 2024 - $12.99)

A strange galactic phenomenon has been observed in the galaxy, Cosmic Storms have begun sweeping through the systems of the galaxy. Check the forecast, prepare your Empire to weather this new threat, and leverage the possibilities these storms give you as they weaken your enemies.

Discover multiple types of Cosmic Storms that travel from system to system in the galaxy, wrecking havoc (or bringing powerful bonuses) on empires throughout the galaxy. Discover new technologies allowing you to forecast, and influence the direction of these storms, and play with new civics and a new origin featured around taking advantage of this mysterious galactic phenomenon.


  • 8 Galactic Storms with unique visual effects

  • 1 Origin

  • 2 new Relics

  • 2 new precursor story arcs

Stellaris: The Grand Archive (Story Pack - coming Q4 2024 - $14.99)

The Grand Archive is vast and full of wonders, and it's up to you to fill its halls with the records of the unique lifeforms and marvels you meet in the galaxy. Construct a new megastructure, and collect exotic specimens from your space-faring adventures, what military applications might await you, and what unique life forms might you construct from the specimens you find is up to you.

In the Grand Archive Story Pack you will collect specimens from throughout the galaxy, and discover technologies allowing you to genetically modify the galaxy’s indigenous space fauna, and then breed these creatures to further your own agenda. 

  • A new Megastructure: “The Grand Archive”

    • 200 specimens to collect

    • A vivarium with space fauna capturing mechanics

    • Hatchery starbase and cloning facilities to alter space fauna and use them as fleets

  • 2 new types of spaceborne fauna - Voidworms and Cutholoids

  • A new Mid-Game Crisis - the Voidworm Plague

  • 2 Origins

  • 2 Tradition trees

Stellaris: Season 08 and The Machine Age are both available for pre-purchase now!


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