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Nemesis and Expansion Pass Five available May 3rd

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Stellaris: Console Edition Nemesis and Expansion Pass Five will be available May 3rd for Xbox and PlayStation!

Expansion Pass Five will contain Nemesis (May 3rd), the Aquatics Species Pack (coming 2022), and Overlord (coming 2023). 

Starting with Nemesis (May 3rd), Console Edition players will get access to the ominous Become the Crisis Ascension Perk, construct Menacing ships out of minerals, and construct the galaxy-ending Aetherophasic Engine. 

Nemesis also gives the ability to be nominated a Galactic Custodian, and protect peace and justice in the galaxy. Defend the empires under your Custodianship. Freely yield power when your term is up. Or… don’t. Consolidate your rule and reform the Galactic Community into the Galactic Imperium, for a secure and prosperous future. 

Nemesis will also come alongside a free update to the equivalent of PC 3.0.3, bringing Console Edition into the next generation of Stellaris. 

The 3.0.3 Update brings new Industrial Districts, new Fog of War and Intel mechanics, reworked First Contact, and a host of Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes.

The Aquatics Species Pack and Overlord will also launch alongside free updates, including free new content, new content for older DLC, bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and more.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to bring Expansion Pass Five to Stellaris: Console Edition! 

Get Expansion Pass Five and Nemesis for Xbox and PlayStation on May 3rd!

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