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Nemesis and Expansion Pass Five available now!

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Stellaris: Console Edition Nemesis and Expansion Pass Five are Now Available for Xbox and PlayStation! 

Expansion Pass Five contains Nemesis, the Aquatics Species Pack (coming 2022), and Overlord (coming 2023). Get it now!

Starting with Nemesis, Console Edition players get access to: the ominous Become the Crisis Ascension Perk; the ability to be declared the Galactic Custodian; and to reform the Galactic Community into the Galactic Imperium, for a secure and prosperous future.  

Nemesis also comes alongside a free update to the equivalent of PC 3.0.3, bringing Console Edition into the next generation of Stellaris. The 3.0.3 Update brings new Industrial Districts, new Fog of War and Intel mechanics, reworked First Contact, and a host of Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes. 

The Aquatics Species Pack (coming later in 2022), features 15 Aquatics-inspired species portraits, a new Water themed Ship Set, two new Origins, the Anglers civic, the Hydrocentric Ascension Perk, and the Aquatic Species Trait.  

Aquatics will also release with two free updates rolled into one (3.1 “Lem” and 3.2 “Herbert”)! The 3.1 “Lem” update adds selectable tradition trees, reworking some existing Tradition Trees to make them open to more empire types, and adding a new “Mercantile” Tradition Tree to the base game. 3.1 “Lem” also adds a boatload of new content to previously released expansions and species packs:

  • Plantoids Species Pack: 2 New Civics (Idyllic Bloom, Catalytic Processing), 3 New Species Traits (Phototrophic, Radiotrophic, Budding)

  • Humanoids Species Pack: 2 New Civics (Masterful Crafters, Pleasure Seekers), 1 New Origin (Clone Army)

  • Apocalypse: 1 New Tradition Tree (Unyielding)

  • Ancient Relics: 3 New Archaeology Sites

  • Necroids Species Pack: Reanimated Armies Civic renamed to Reanimators. Reanimators can reanimate Biological Leviathans and the Necrophage Origin can be used as a Hive Mind. 

The 3.2 “Herbert” update adds even more content to Stellaris: Console Edition, with new randomly triggered terraforming events, new anomalies for gas giants and asteroids, and new options for older anomalies, yet another civic for the Humanoids Species Pack (Pompous Purists), as well as a host of other bug fixes and quality of life improvements.  

Rounding out the Expansion Pass Five lineup is Overlord (coming 2023). Realize your Grand Design with the addition of five new Origins, Specialty Vassals, new Enclaves, new Megastructures, and a new Ascension Perk! Overlord for Stellaris: Console Edition will also launch with two PC updates rolled into one (3.3 “Libra” and 3.4 “Cepheus”).  

The 3.3 “Libra” update adds a complete rework to how Unity is used in Stellaris. Unity will be used for internal Empire management, and Influence for external actions. 3.3 “Libra” also adds the Permanent Employment Civic for owners of MegaCorp and Necroids, as well as new archaeology sites, and new anomalies.  

The 3.4 “Cepheus” update adds the new Situations system, a progression-based narrative system, that is used for resource deficits, planetary revolts, machine uprisings, and some story events. Changes to how Subjugation works, including Subject Contracts, Holdings, and Quality of Life improvements. Also included in 3.4 “Cepheus” are changes to the military AI, Quality of Life improvements for auto-resettlement, and improvements to sector and planetary automation.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to bring Expansion Pass Five to Stellaris: Console Edition!  

Expansion Pass Five and Nemesis are available now!

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