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The First Contact Story Pack will release March 14th!

Tell the story of your civilization’s first encounter with visitors from other worlds, visitors that may - or may not - come in peace.


The First Contact Story Pack will release on March 14th for $14.99 USD/€14.99!

The galaxy is vast and full of wonders, but it’s also full of alien empires you’re going to encounter - whether you’re ready or not. Tell the story of your empire’s early contacts with visitors from the stars, or become a visitor yourself. Will you remain cloaked in shadows, or reveal your presence to those you visit?

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Explore three new narrative-led Origins: Band together in Broken Shackles as the survivors of a crashed slaver ship and build a diverse empire with multiple species from across the galaxy. Embark on a quest to find your various homeworlds, as long as you escape the prying eyes of your former captors. 


Do not go quietly into the night with the Payback Origin. Your civilization is the result of a civilization that did not invent faster than light travel, but instead was invaded by – and repelled – an invader from the stars. With access to their advanced technology, your empire is now ready to enter the galactic stage and find out just what else is out there. 


In Fear of the Dark, a large portion of your population has embraced isolationism and xenophobia, ever since a planet in your solar system suffered an “incident”. Will you ignore their concerns and explore the stars, making “friends” along the way? Or will you appease their isolationism in order to grow your civilization even more powerful?


As you venture out into the stars, you will discover other civilizations that have yet to develop faster than light travel, and are in various stages of development. What stories will these civilizations tell about you when they reach the galactic community? Will your civilization be known as heartless invaders, benign shepherds, or a civilization of all-powerful deities? Will you reveal your presence at all, or choose to remain cloaked in the shadows?


And the feature nobody saw coming! Not just for hiding Observation Posts, equip your military and civilian ships with cloaking devices to allow them to remain undetected, even while traveling through closed or hostile space. Decloak to catch your foes unaware and unprepared, or survey systems in secret. But be sure you keep your scanners up to date and powered, in a galaxy full of possibilities, you never know what may be hidden in plain sight.


Get all this and more with the First Contact Story Pack on March 14th. Preorder now!