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Victoria 3 Sold 500 000 Games - and is Nominated in The Game Awards

Today we celebrate the success of Victoria 3 together with you by sharing some fascinating stats from the first month.

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Hello Everyone! We would like to start off by thanking everyone for the support and passion you've all shown for the game. It's truly humbling to have such a dedicated and passionate community, thank you! Victoria 3 has now sold over 500k games since the release a little over a month ago, which makes it one of the most successful launches in Paradox history, and it's all thanks to you, our players. To top it all off, Victoria 3 has also been nominated in the "Best Sim / Strategy" category in The Game Awards! We're looking forward to the Victorian journey we are embarking on together with you all. And the first stop would be the release of the 1.1 Update coming in early December - bringing forth a multitude of improvements and fixes that has been requested by the community. The changelog will be shared with you all in tomorrow's Dev Diary. We'd also like to celebrate this occassion by sharing some fascinating stats with you from this first month:

Victoria 3 500k sold

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