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Official Licensing

Official Licensing

Join our licensing network and build World of Darkness with us

World of Darkness is a transmedia brand with more than 30 years of history and community building, hundreds of successfully launched projects, and great public awareness of our major IPs and the themes they convey. Our brand supports immersive storylines, deep narrative experiences, action-packed stories, and highly personalized experiences through the use of unique story world features including sects, clans, tribes, factions, creeds, and many more. 

Today, World of Darkness lives on through products made both in house and by our licensing partners - and your company can shape this world with us.

Which World of Darkness IP Do You Want To Work With?

world-of-darkness-vampire the masquerade main
Vampire: The Masquerade
world-of-darkness-hunter the reckoning main
Hunter: The Reckoning
world-of-darkness-werewolf the apocalypse main
Werewolf: The Apocalypse

What Makes World of Darkness Licensing?

Transmedia BrandJoin a true transmedia brand with decades of experience across all entertainment mediums from tabletop RPGs, video games and linear media, to board games, card games, comic books, and merchandise
worldofdarkness-audience potential
Audience PotentialExpand awareness of your product with a massive global fanbase, active on all social media in many languages
worldofdarkness-marketing support
Brand Marketing SupportAmplify your marketing beats through World of Darkness owned channels and work with our team to increase your reach
Network of PartnersJoin a partner network spanning all media, integrate elements of other projects into yours and use cooperative marketing opportunities in the interconnected World of Darkness.
worldofdarkness-work with us
Official Licensing

Become a Partner

Paradox Interactive is looking for partners with a proven track record of developing and selling innovative products for gaming or entertainment companies such as video games, linear media, merchandise, board games, apparel, toys, art, books etc. If you are interested in licensing World of Darkness brand, please feel free to submit your proposal below.

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Think you can make a World of Darkness game?

Following the success of our Vampire Jam event, World of Darkness opens up to independent game developers with a new initiative – now, you can make your own Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition games and monetize them using itch.io!

World of Darkness Unbound
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