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Paradox offers a cooperative environment that is founded on trust, respect and the love for games. We provide a great opportunity to learn, develop, and excel within the gaming industry.

We are a diverse team that welcomes everyone with a can-do attitude, the skills to back it up and who has a sense of camaraderie. The company language is English but we have more than 25 languages represented across our offices.

At Paradox Interactive, we try to find as many different angles as possible from which we can tackle the challenges connected to making and selling fantastic games. Hence we tend to gravitate towards people with a different take and view on our line of business. Some of us came with fresh degrees in programming or engineering, some with many years in the games industry, some directly from our community and some from different industries altogether. The common denominators are the ability to see our world from different perspectives, great skills, a good attitude and willingness to challenge your own and our ideas in respectful exchanges, and not least a love for games. 

A part of a larger ecosystem As a Paradox employee you're a part of a big network of external studios, partners and of course our ever growing community of players who all contribute to our success.

Continuous development To make and sell fantastic games Paradox focus on continuous professional development of all employees. Education, career development and impact on decision-making are central parts of this endeavour. Masters of our fate We have stable long-term owners with skin in the game, decision making close to the games and the players and are stably self-financed, without debt. That gives us full ownership and control of our development.

Explore, bond and be well  Our culture revolves around the games we make and the bonds we form between the people who make and play them. In our experience, a healthy dose of nerdiness is often part and parcel of this, no matter what form it takes.

We encourage employees and teams to explore their nerdiness and connect with one another within and outside the company - be it in our strong board game and TTRPG community, over painting miniatures, in book circles, over karaoke, at our social gatherings and of course over video games. How far down the rabbit hole you go is up to you, nothing is mandatory. We strive for a good work-life balance for all employees and prioritize well-being.

Responsibility & freedom You’re never a cog here, your contribution counts and you’ll see direct results of your input in our final products. We provide you with freedom of how to tackle ambitious goals and strive to work in small autonomous teams where you have an impact on the decisions taken. However, we also expect every employee to be responsible for their work and the decisions they make.

We offer flexible work hours, an open office environment and we encourage sharing and learning from each other.

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