The Paradox Formula

Paradox is a multifaceted company, but our success is mainly composed of three components.

Endless and challenging game experiences

Paradox creates intellectually challenging games with long lifespans and great opportunities for immersion and community. Our heart and soul lies in strategy and management games but we occasionally make calculated bets in other sectors where we believe there is break-out potential. 

Our most successful game series include Cities: Skylines, Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings. Millions of people from all across the world play our games or interact with our franchises every month and more and more people find their way to our games and communities. 

A collaborative environment for the people who make and sell our games

Go to career

To deliver games that players love to experience and return to, Paradox houses creative and skilled staff in a wide variety of fields. No matter your specialization, everyone contributes to the final player experience. 

Our focus is on creating the best possible conditions for collaboration, where we focus on working in smaller autonomous teams where the individual’s impact is high. We strive to create an environment which is characterized by trust, respect and passion and where good mental and physical health is a given. 

Strong communities with direct player dialogue

Open, transparent and direct interaction with our fans is a key pillar for creating a strong player experience and fine tuning our games. Paradox regularly holds a long series of events where developers, content creators and players can interact with one another. Additionally, we have direct dialogue with players via social media platforms, Twitch, Youtube and the Paradox Forum.