The Paradox formula

The Paradox Formula

Paradox is a multifaceted company, but our success is mainly composed of three components.

People working with our games

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The gaming industry is based on close collaboration in creative and innovative environments. At Paradox Interactive, everyone contributes to the final product, whether it is a game, a project, a report or an AMA on Reddit. At Paradox, we have fun and we work hard. And we constantly challenge ourselves to continue to deliver excellent entertainment to our gamers.

Brands, the base for the games we develop

Paradox Interactive differs from many other publishers by a large proportion of self-owned brands, and a broad variety of brands in our portfolio. This allows us to build a diverse product portfolio and maintain a long-term perspective on our work. Our successful brands include Cities: Skylines, Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Crusader Kings, Magicka and the World of Darkness brand catalogue. Millions of people from all across the world interact with our brands every month, through games and other products (books, tabletop games, music, graphic novels, merchandise) published by us and our licensees.

Fans who play our games and talk to us

Open, transparent and direct interaction with our fans is a key pillar of our business. In addition to online interaction via social media platforms, Twitch, Youtube and the Paradox Forum, we arrange regular meetups with fans at industry events such as Gamescom and E3. Every year, thousands of fans from all across the globe attend PDXCON, the annual celebration of the Paradox community, to meet and hang out with us face to face.