Interim Report Q1 2017

Report will release at 8:00 AM CET.

We will be releasing our first quarterly report for 2017 on Friday, May 5th at 8 am. The quarterly Q&A stream will be held after our Annual General Meeting where we will gather our shareholders in our office. Therefore the stream will happen at approx 16:20 CEST. (please note the new time!)

On the stream, our CEO Fredrik and our CFO Andras will be presenting the Q1 report and also take questions. We will gather questions from this forum post, from the stream, from our gathered shareholders and any questions e-mailed to

Please note that we will only be able to answer questions that are submitted prior to the stream (or during the actual stream). We will prioritize questions related to the report but time permitting they will also answer other questions.

The stream will be broadcasted via our Paradox Interactive channel on Twitch. The stream is open for anyone to watch but you will need to create an account if you wish to post comments or questions in the chat.

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