Licensing Request Form

Paradox Interactive is a video game publisher based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have a strong relationship with major online distribution networks. We also maintain a retail distribution network in parts of Europe that still have a vibrant culture of buying off the shelf.

Our internally developed brands, Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Stellaris, and Hearts of Iron, have seen amazing growth over their lifetimes, both in terms of active users and sales. And we’ve been happy to welcome successful brands such as Cities: Skylines and Magicka to our familywhich both have sold really well and have received a lot of praise on both Consoles and PC. On March 15, 2018 we are adding the highly anticipated Surviving Mars, to our brand portfolio.

Our dedicated PR and Marketing team focus on getting your games seen by media at all major games sites, magazines, podcasts and video sites. We have direct contact with thousands of journalists, and we work actively over social media including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Our own online forum ( has approximately 750 000 dedicated users from across the globe, a welcoming community where gamers and game developers can meet.

What we’re looking for

Paradox Interactive is looking for partners with a proven track record of developing and selling innovative products for gaming or entertainment companies such as merchandise, board games, movies, apparel, toys, art, books etc. If you are interested in licensing Paradox Interactive’s brands. please feel free to submit your proposal below.