Press releases

Plus Ultra: Rival the Empire of Charles V in Golden Century

New Immersion Pack for Europa Universalis IV Available NowRead more

Stellaris: MegaCorp Brings You Tomorrow, Today!

The Economy-Focused Expansion Launches Today for Windows, MacOS and LinuxRead more

Paradox Interactive to Bring PDXCON to Berlin in 2019

Fan Convention Coming to Germany on October 19-20; Tickets on Sale in Early 2019Read more

BATTLETECH Flashpoint Launches Today

Branching multi-mission short stories, new mechs, new missions and moreRead more

Prepare for Orientation with MegaCorp’s New Feature Breakdown Trailer

Paradox Presents a Deeper Look at Stellaris’ Newest Corporate-Themed ExpansionRead more

Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century Coming December 11

New Immersion Pack Inspired by Spain’s Age of Glory.Read more

Stellaris: MegaCorp Announces December 6th Launch Date

The Corporate-Themed Expansion Presents New Story Trailer Alongside Launch Date AnnouncementRead more

On Your Marks! Surviving Mars: Space Race Commences Today

Discover New Mission Sponsors and Rival Colonies as the Race to be a Super Power in Space BeginsRead more

Nominating committee appointed at Paradox Interactive AB (publ) ahead of AGM 2019

In accordance with the decision by the Annual General Meeting, the members of the nominating committee of Paradox Interactive AB (publ) should be appointed by the three shareholders controlling the largest...Read more

Valberedning utsedd i Paradox Interactive AB (publ) inför årsstämman 2019

I enlighet med årsstämmans beslut ska ledamöterna i Paradox Interactive AB (publ)s valberedning utses av de per den 30 september till röstetalet största aktieägarna i bolaget...Read more

Paradox Unleashes Its Holy Fury

Today, Crusader Kings II Gets Its Biggest Expansion YetRead more

Delårsrapport januari – september 2018

Tredje kvartalet 2018 Omsättningen uppgick till 225,0 MSEK (180,7 MSEK), en ökning med 25 % jämfört med samma period föregående år. Rörelseresultatet uppgick till 68,3 MSEK (52,9 MSEK), en ökning med 29 %...Read more

Interim report January – September 2018

Third quarter 2018 Revenues amounted to SEK 225.0 (180.7) million, an increase by 25 % compared to the same period last year. Operating profit amounted to SEK 68.3 (52.9) million, an increase by 29 %....Read more

Initiate Countdown to Launch for Surviving Mars: Space Race

First-ever Expansion Introduces some Healthy Competition with Rival Colonies and New Mission Sponsors Touching Down on MarsRead more

Surviving Mars Touches Down on the Mac App Store

The Sci-Fi City Builder Brings its Hardcore Strategy to Mac MartiansRead more

Stellaris Unveils Industrious New MegaCorp Expansion

Dominate the Market with this Corporate-Themed Expansion That Promises Opportunity for AllRead more

Cities: Skylines – Industries Expansion Now Available

New radio station, Synthetic Dawn brings the funk, along with free gameplay updateRead more

BATTLETECH Flashpoint Launching Nov. 27, Pre-Orders Begin Today

New Bundles Available Now: BATTLETECH Season Pass and Mercenary CollectionRead more

Stellaris: Console Edition Arriving Q1 2019

The First Grand Strategy Game on Consoles has Shared a New Gameplay Trailer and Announced a Launch WindowRead more

Paradox to Unleash Holy Fury on November 13

Crusader Kings II Also Gets A Tribute BandRead more

Cities: Skylines – Industries Inbound on October 23, Along with Synthetic Dawn Radio and New Free Update

Captain your own industry in the newest update for the best selling city-builder from Paradox and Colossal OrderRead more

Cities: Skylines Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

Build Anywhere. Play Everywhere. Paradox brings best-selling city builder to Nintendo SwitchRead more

Rajas and Riches are Ready: EU4 Dharma is Here

Indian Themed Expansion to Europa Universalis IV ReleasedRead more

First BATTLETECH Expansion, FLASHPOINT Coming This November

High-stakes Short Stories, New Biome, New BattleMechs and a Multi-Territory Encounter.Read more

Stellaris to be First Ever Grand Strategy Game to Land on Consoles

Stellaris: Console Edition Ventures into Uncharted Territory with Paradox Development Studios’ Maiden Voyage to Console SpaceRead more

Interim report January – June 2018

Second quarter 2018 Revenues amounted to SEK 298.8 (289.4) million, an increase by 3 % compared to the same period last year. Operating profit amounted to SEK 99.4 (162.3) million, a decrease by 39 %....Read more

Delårsrapport januari – juni 2018

Andra kvartalet 2018 Omsättningen uppgick till 298,8 MSEK (289,4 MSEK), en ökning med 3 % jämfört med samma period föregående år. Rörelseresultatet uppgick till 99,4 MSEK (162,3 MSEK), en minskning med 39 ...Read more

Paradox Interactive to acquire Seattle-based Harebrained Schemes

Renowned BATTLETECH developer joining the ranks of global publisher and developer as an internal studioRead more

Go from Brick to Marble in Paradox’s Imperator: Rome

Paradox Development Studio Announces New Roman Themed Grand Strategy GameRead more

Hearts of Iron IV Celebrates One Million Sales With Anniversary Edition

Anniversary Edition Comes With New Expansion and Diorama.Read more

Paradox Interactive Brings Grand Strategy to the Tabletop with New Board Games

Game Publisher and Developer to Release Analog Adaptations of Four Popular FranchisesRead more

Triumph Studios and Paradox Interactive Announce Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Sci-fi incarnation of turn-based classic has players reach for new frontiers.Read more

Annual General Meeting of Paradox Interactive AB (publ) May 18, 2018

At Paradox Interactive AB (publ)s general meeting May 18, 2018 the following was resolved Adoption of financial statements and dividend The AGM adopted the income statement and balance sheet for the Parent...Read more

Årsstämma i Paradox Interactive AB (publ) den 18 maj 2018

Vid Paradox Interactive AB (publ)s årsstämma den 18 maj 2018 beslutades följande Fastställande av räkenskaper och utdelning Årsstämman fastställde resultaträkningen...Read more

Delårsrapport januari – mars 2018

Första kvartalet 2018. Omsättningen uppgick till 267,0 MSEK (121,3 MSEK), en ökning med 120 % jämfört med samma period föregående år.Read more

Interim report January – March 2018

First quarter 2018 Revenues amounted to SEK 267.0 (121.3) million, an increase by 120 % compared to the same period last year. Operating profit amounted to SEK 140.5 (38.0) million, an increase by 270...Read more

BATTLETECH Launches Today on PC and Mac

Next Generation of Turn-Based Tactical ‘Mech Combat Now AvailableRead more

Paradox Interactive AB (publ) publishes annual report for 2017

Paradox Interactive AB (publ) has published its annual report for 2017 on the company’s website todayRead more

Paradox Interactive AB (publ) publicerar årsredovisning för 2017

Paradox Interactive AB har idag publicerat årsredovisningen för 2017 på bolagets webbsidaRead more

Notice of Paradox Interactive AB (publ)’s Annual General Meeting 2018

Shareholders in Paradox Interactive AB (publ), 556667-4759 are hereby invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held May 18, 2018 13.00 CET at Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49-51, 116 21 ...Read more

Kallelse till årsstämma i Paradox Interactive AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Paradox Interactive AB (publ), 556667-4759, kallas härmed till årsstämma fredagen den 18 maj 2018 kl. 13.00 på Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49-51, 116 21 Stockholm.Read more

Cities: Skylines Turns Three, Celebrates Five Million Copies Sold on PC

Best-selling city-builder gets free Surviving Mars-themed buildings and radio, straight from the red planetRead more

Stellaris celebrates over 1.5 million copies sold – Apocalypse DLC available today

New expansion adds explosive features to blockbuster sci-fi grand strategy gameRead more

Paradox Interactive to Strengthen Team with New CEO

Fredrik Wester assumes full-time role of Executive Chairman of the BoardRead more

Paradox Interactive stärker teamet med ny VD

Fredrik Wester kliver in i rollen som arbetande styrelseordförande på heltidRead more

Bokslutskommuniké och rapport för fjärde kvartalet 2017

Fjärde kvartalet 2017. Omsättningen uppgick till 222,4 MSEK (198,4 MSEK), en ökning med 12 % jämfört med samma period föregående år. Rörelseresultatet uppgick till 86,7 MSEK (85,9 MSEK), en ökning med 1 %...Read more

Year-end report 2017

Fourth quarter 2017: Revenues amounted to SEK 222.4 (198.4) million, an increase by 12 % compared to the same period last year. Operating profit amounted to SEK 86.7 (85.9) million, an increase by 1 %....Read more

Paradox and Haemimont Start Six-Week Countdown to Surviving Mars

New Survival-Builder Launches for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on March 15, 2018Read more

Paradox Interactive acquires 33% of Seattle based Hardsuit Labs

Paradox Interactive today announced it has acquired 33% of development studio Hardsuit Labs, based in Seattle, for 2M USD. Paradox has an option to increase its ownership in the future. Hardsuit Labs was...Read more