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Life by You Q&A

Hello everyone, As we answer more of your questions, we want to make sure that you all are able to find commonly asked questions easily and by topic. Thank you all so much for your questions, we've loved answering them and we will regularly update this as we answer more. Find your Q&A below!

Note: For more general questions about the game, pre-ordering, and specs, find our FAQ here.

Conversation System

QnA Are there group conversations? LBY Do I need to edit conversations to play Life by You?

QnA Will edited responses be available in other conversations?QnA What impact do conversations have? What impacts conversations?QnA How do autonomous conversations work?

Life Stages

More life stage questions are answered on our blog here.

QnA Are life stages affected by age?QnA Will you add additional life stages?QnA How does time pass?

Character Creation & Households

QnA What is the max number of people for household?QnA How can you see everyone in your world?QnA How is money managed per person or household?QnA Will there be a family tree?QnA Are other household members autonomous?QnA What types of relationships can you add in character creator?QnA Do genetics impact someone's appearance?QnA Will there be more hair styles/clothes at Early Access?QnA Will there be additional sliders or customization?QnA Can you save a body as a preset for later?QnA Will there be clothing physics?QnA Is clothing limited by body type?QnA How does the town develop?

Build Mode

QnA Can you build off grid?QnA Are there trim and baseboard options?QnA Can you create custom patterns for walls and flooring?QnA Can you customize more than one color in a pattern?QnA Can you build with spiral staircases?QnA Can you have multiple buildings in one lot?QnA Can you adjust a lot's size?QnA Can you customize more than a stair's steps?


QnA Can you order groceries to your house?QnA Can you move shopping locations?QnA Can your humans buy items autonomously?QnA Will we be able to create specific shops?QnA Will there be car loans?QnA Are there gas stations?QnA What about suggestion?QnA Roads and multiple people travel?

Crafting Questions

QnA What happens when you harvest from a plant?QnA Can you use bee hives?

Skills, Needs, and Traits

QnA How do Skills work?QnA What is happiness?QnA Will we be able to turn off cheating?

General Questions

QnA What do the ??? above some people's heads mean?QnA Will modders receive resources to help mod?QnA How has performances impacted art?QnA Will there be more day-to-day animations added?QnA What was the "Eye" icon?QnA Will there be X building?QnA Can you remap your hotkeys, camera?QnA Can you edit the world?Will land vary in priceCan you live without owning a house?What language would Modders use?Can you stop people from moving into town

For Early Access date questions, find our blog here.

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