August 16, 2023

Across the Obelisk Ascends to Paradox Interactive Portfolio

New Expansion Launches Today on Game’s One-Year Anniversary

STOCKHOLM - Aug. 16, 2023 - Paradox Interactive, a publisher known for shuffling a few games around, today announced that Across the Obelisk, the deck-building RPG released as the very first title in the Paradox Arc publishing initiative, has been acquired by the publisher and will henceforth be supported by the main marketing organization. In celebration of the game’s success and the one-year anniversary of its full launch, Across the Obelisk also launches its newest expansion, Across the Obelisk: Sands of Ulminin today. The expansion is available now on Steam for a suggested retail price of $19.99 / €19.99.

See a new trailer here:

Since its launch on August 16, 2022, Across the Obelisk has turned into one of the most popular card-battling games on Steam, with more than 350,000 copies sold and a high demand for more content. This success story has prompted Paradox Interactive to move the title from its Paradox Arc initiative into the Paradox Interactive portfolio, where the game will continue to receive support and content for the foreseeable future.

“Paradox Arc's mission is to find the Paradox games of tomorrow; games that are deep, endlessly replayable and resonate with the Paradox Interactive audience. In that regard, Across the Obelisk checks all the boxes,” said Sebastian Forsström, Head of Paradox Arc at Paradox Interactive. “The Arc initiative starts with the support that small development teams need to bring their games to market, but the potential for breakout success is always something we look for as well. It’s a perfect story Arc, pun intended, to see our very first Paradox Arc game reach this level of success, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the game can achieve next.”

In the latest expansion, Across the Obelisk: Sands of Ulminin, players will delve into desert canyons, solve the mysteries of the pyramids, and discover what lurks beneath, with two new heroes, a new zone, dungeons, and new events to explore. The new zone, selectable as a new Act 2 or Act 3 of a playthrough, will challenge players with new enemies and bosses, as well as offer them new allies to recruit on their quest to thwart the evil Lord Hanshek. Sands of Ulminin includes:

  • Two new Aura and Curse mechanics called Scourge and Zeal

  • Three new pets to be unlocked

  • A multi-layered dungeon in the pyramids of Ulminin

  • More than 20 new enemies

  • 3 new bosses

  • More than 30 new items

  • An all-new scarab mechanic where scarabs will randomly appear during combat and give bonuses if you manage to defeat them!

  • …and much more!

Find the newest expansion here:

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