November 16, 2023

Astral Planes, the new narrative-focused expansion for Stellaris, launches today on PC

Free 3.10 “Pyxis” Update also Available Today

STOCKHOLM, NOVEMBER 16 - Today, Paradox Interactive launched Astral Planes, the new narrative-focused expansion for its sci-fi strategy game Stellaris. Astral Planes is available on PC for €19,99/$19.99/£16.45. Additionally, the free 3.10 “Pyxis” update launches today, expanding the base game and improving several previously released expansions, especially on the leaders present in-game.

You can find Astral Planes launch trailer here:

Navigate wonders and dangers through the different features included in Astral Planes


Unlock new Technologies, Actions, and Relics to manipulate space and interact with the galaxy in unexpected ways. Explore new realms filled with mysteries and opportunities.


Traverse the Astral Planes to discover a wide variety of unique sites, each with properties and phenomena beyond the mundane. Come face to face with fascinating and terrifying creatures, uncover long-buried secrets, or choose to explore the true nature of your past with the Riftworld Origin. 


For the first time in Stellaris, navigate in widely branching narratives through a dedicated interface, specifically designed to maximize the effects of player choice. The Astral Planes are full of surprises, and hard choices will be necessary to reach your desired outcome. Make the right decision for your empire and chart a course that fits your play style. 

Additionally, the release date of Astral Planes will also coincide with the release of the completely free 3.10 “Pyxis” patch. In addition to the standard updates and bug fixes, this patch also implements consolidations on Leaders and updates on the civics, traditions trees, and ascension perks linked to these leaders, alongside many other additions. Interested fans can read more about these additions by way of the Dev Diaries here.

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You can find Astral Planes media kit here: