May 8, 2024

Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change Available Now

New Missions and Other Historical Content Now Live

STOCKHOLM - 08 May 2024 - Over a dozen nations get makeovers in Winds of Change, a new expansion pack for Europa Universalis IV, available now. This expansion pack adds new historical content for nations as different as the Aztec Empire that dominated 15th century Mexico, to the Mughal Empire that emerged out of Central Asia to dominate India for three hundreds years, to the trading republics of Venice and the Netherlands, each controlling the seas to guide precious cargo home.

This historical content takes many forms, including expanded and branching mission trees, unique government reforms that reflect the characteristics of certain nations, new decisions and events, and special mechanics that allow you to leverage cultural abilities for unique bonuses.

Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change includes new historical content for:

  • Major American Nations: The Aztecs, Maya and Inca all get significant updates, including an Aztec mechanic that promotes warfare and demanding sacrifices, new ways to unite the Mayan nations into one kingdom, Incan royal authority, and many other improvements and updates. These nations also receive special content to allow an alternate-history invasion of the Old World.

  • Major Trading Nations: Both The Netherlands and Venice see expanded historical flavor, including more detailed content for the creation and enlargement of the Dutch Republic, the Glorious Revolution uniting the Dutch and British crowns, the Venetian Council of Ten, and the glories of the Venetian Renaissance.

  • Gunpowder Empires: The declining Timurid Empire can either fully embrace  Persian traditions or return to its horse empire roots through a life of plunder, and the rising Mughal Empire has new routes to unite all of India under its sway. The Central Asian Horde nations also get updates, including unique flavor for the Tatar, Mongol and Moghul Khanates.

  • Central Europe: Austria, Hungary and Bohemia get revised trees, including the possibility for the Austrian and Hungarians to form the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary and for Bohemia to expand Hussite Power in the heart of the Empire, while all three can tailor the HRE to their liking.

  • Major Formable European Nations: New alt-historical options and content for the formation of Germany and Italy.

  • Minor Orthodox Empires: Surrounded by enemies, the Black Sea kingdoms of Theodoro and Trebizond seek to thrive and expand, potentially reviving Orthodox fortunes in the region.

  • Hisn Kayfa and Hormuz/Oman: The minor nation Hisn Kayfa, heirs of the Ayyubid dynasty, and major Gulf trading powers of Hormuz and Oman get unique mission trees to dominate the Middle East.

Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change is now available for the suggested retail price of $19.99/£16.75/€19.99.

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