June 24, 2024

First Victoria 3 Expansion Pack Released Today

Sphere of Influence Buffs Diplomatic Game

STOCKHOLM - 24 June 2024 - The balance of power can only be maintained by careful management of threats and obligations. Find accommodation with other great powers, guaranteeing economic access, or build a coalition of states focused on a common goal, be it stability, trade freedom, or ideological comity. Discover the power and potential of Sphere of Influence, available today.

Sphere of Influence is the first expansion pack for Victoria 3, Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy societal simulation of the century from 1836 and 1936. This expansion adds greater depth to the diplomatic game, with new ways of managing subject states, greater opportunities for economic investment in foreign economies, and, at the center of the expansion, Power Blocs that allow great powers to throw their weight around the globe to increase their prestige, influence and wealth.

See a trailer here: https://youtu.be/Rz3l4bY0A-4

Features of Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence include:

  • Fierce Competition: Use your Prestige to become a Great Power and create your own Power Bloc! Dominate other nations in a diplomatic arrangement to pursue common economic or ideological goals, whether promoting open trade around the world or spreading specific values to other nations.

  • Power Bloc Customization:  Choose the identity and principles of your loose alliance, whether it be a group promoting ideological concerns like the Comintern, or an economy-oriented bloc pushing for cross-border market integration like the Zollverein. You can even customize colors and emblems for your bloc!

  • The Great Game”: New events, journal entries and decisions inspired by the Russian and British rivalry in Central Asia, and a new Objective - you can play as any of the powers central to that conflict, including Persia and Afghanistan. A newly redrawn map highlights the many competing interests in this frontier between empires.

  • Foreign Investment: Invest in the economic development of countries outside of your direct influence, making a profit from their financial success.

  • Nationalization: Start a Diplomatic Play to seize foreign assets in your country and prevent your wealth from going overseas.

  • Subject Interactions: Adjust the payments from your vassals and protectorates, meddle in their internal politics and more!

  • Interest Group Lobbies: Domestic interest groups will pursue foreign policy objectives, promoting amicable relations with some countries and hostility with others nations or even influence the development of friendly lobbies in other nations.

  • Power Bloc Monuments: Build majestic monuments to emphasise your bloc’s influence and domination over world events.

  • New Historical Flavor: New historical characters and companies, most centered on the Great Game content, as well as more events, new journal entries, Lobby related content, new clothing and event art.

Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence is available now for the suggested retail price of 29.99$ / 24.99£ / 29.99€.

For additional information, please contact:

Paradox Interactive Public Relations Team

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