March 13, 2023

New Victoria 3 Music Pack Celebrates the Common People

New Music Announced Alongside Launch of 1.2 Update

STOCKHOLM - 13 March 2023 - Inspired by the simple but hard lives of workers and farmers before the cities and factories called them to a new kind of labor, Melodies for the Masses is a new music pack for Victoria 3.


The songs tell the story of the evolution of peasant and farm life in the 19th century, as the hard but natural rhythms of life are slowly disrupted by new modes of living as rural workers take risks that promise a better and richer life, colored by the melancholy as the world they knew is gradually transformed.

The release of this nearly hour-long collection of original music composed for Victoria 3 is simultaneous with the release of the much-awaited 1.2 update for the game. This update is being released after a month-long open beta process that saw a record-breaking number of Victoria 3 players engage in playtests and deliver feedback. The 1.2 update includes major changes to the trade interface, new military and diplomatic options and features, along with a brand new music player, and other general improvements.

Melodies for the Masses is now available for the suggested retail price of $4.99/£4.99/€4.99.


For additional information, please contact:

Paradox Interactive Public Relations Team