November 6, 2023

Nomination Committee in Paradox Interactive has been appointed

In accordance with the instructions for the nomination committee which were adopted by the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Paradox Interactive, the chairman of the board shall contact the three largest shareholders in terms of votes per 30 September 2023, whereby each such shareholder shall elect a member to form the nomination committee together with the chairman of the board.

The nomination committee’s task is to prepare proposals to the AGM 2024 regarding chairman of the AGM, number of directors of the board, remuneration to the directors of the board and the auditor, composition of the board of directors, chairman of the board, instructions for the nomination committee for the following year’s AGM, and the election of the auditor.

The three largest shareholders of the company have now elected a member each whereby the composition of the nomination ahead of the 2024 annual general meeting of Paradox Interactive AB has the following composition:

  • Per Håkan Börjesson (chairman of the nomination committee), appointed by Investment Aktiebolaget Spiltan

  • Håkan Sjunnesson, chairman of the board of Paradox Interactive AB

  • Oscar Ingdahl, appointed by WesterInvest AB

  • James Mitchell, appointed by Tencent Holdings Limited

The shareholders who have appointed members to the nomination committee together hold approximately 60.8 percent of the shares and votes in the company.

Shareholders who want to submit proposals to the nomination committee ahead of Paradox Interactive AB’s AGM 2024 may do so by way of email to or by mail to:

Paradox Interactive AB

Att. Nomination Committee / Legal

Magnus Ladulåsgatan 4

SE-118 66 Stockholm

A proposal should be submitted no later than 28 February 2024 in order to be considered by the nomination committee.

For additional information, please contact:

Fredrik Wester, CEO Paradox Interactive

Alexander Bricca, CFO Paradox Interactive


Phone: +4670-355 54 18